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Daily Archives: March 4, 2013

Restoring the Jagan Legacy and the Electoral Prospects of the PPP

The annual Babu John memorial rally for Cheddi Jagan is to be held on March 3. At this time of year Jagan’s life, work and ideas are promoted by rallies, lectures, seminars and discussions. Athletic events and essay competitions are held in commemoration. While he was alive and the PPP was in opposition, there was usually a small, internal, annual ...

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Opposition “abandoned the people”- Prof. David Hinds

I endorse the spirit of Nigel Hughes’ letter (Guyanese may now be willing to urge their political representatives to talk about urgent constitutional reform before the next elections, Stabroek News, March 2). One opposition entity already has that mandate—all twenty six of them. The central thrust of the platform that ensured their selection to parliament was—An End to One-Party Government. ...

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