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Daily Archives: Thursday, 27 October 2016, 13:12

Food import restrictions possible under WTO rules; “We are eating ourselves to death with the imported foods we eat”- FAO official

Last Updated on Thursday, 27 October 2016, 13:12 by Denis Chabrol Caribbean Sub-regional Director of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), Dr. Lystra Fletcher-Paul says Caribbean nations should seriously consider restricting the importation of certain foods once they are in a position to produce healthier substitutes. “I don’t think so at all. It’s high time. What we are waiting on ...

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Trio who allegedly killed Pomeroon farmer for High Court trial

Last Updated on Thursday, 27 October 2016, 8:05 by Denis Chabrol A man, his wife, and their friend, who were jointly charged in the 2010 murder of Pomeroom farmer Victor Williams, will soon stand trial in the High Court. The charge against Frank Henry, Josephine Henry, and Trevor Abrams is that on July 22, 2010, at Pomeroom, they murdered Williams ...

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