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Oil: The Money

Eye on the Issues by GHK Lall Sovereign Wealth Fund: it has a nice sounding comforting ring to it.  It should be noticed right away that this is not a secret Swiss fund, or concealed offshore business, but a Sovereign fund.  It is one that is for the 29people, housing the nation’s deposits, harnessing its future.  It is a fund ...

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Oil: The Marketplace

Eye on the Issues by GHK Lall It is a strange world of futures, swaps, hedges, currencies, spot prices, tankers, and an array of terms that is a language of its own, and alien to the layman.  It is also a world of stupendous booms, and the bottom falling out of once soaring prices, thus bringing nations to their knees. ...

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Real-life Jamaican encounter with a corrupt Guyanese traffic cop

GHK Lall’s Eye on the Issues All law-abiding citizens should applaud Commissioner of Police (ag), Mr. David Ramnarine’s recent call on ranks to stop harassing the public or face the consequences.  Even as I commend this public posture of the CoP (ag), I must wonder whether this latest warning will not (like others before) fall on deaf ears.  To emphasize this ...

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A draft May 26 speech for His Excellency

by GHK Lall I refer to Mr. Wendell Jeffrey’s piece titled, “On May 26 Granger has the opportunity to distance himself from the racially divisive behaviors of the past” (SN May 2).  Using the letter writer’s impressive contribution as context, I make the following comments in what is proffered to President Granger as a draft speech proposal for his May ...

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It is not the duty of the AFC to give Freedom

by David Hinds I have read a press release from the AFC which took me to task for what it called “regular attacks” on the party. I have to assume that I must have offended the party. Let me first of all commend the AFC for inferring that all is not well with the party and government—that there are things ...

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Opinion: The Race to Mayorship and Party Politics

by Jomo Paul (Reproduced from his blog located at with permission) After the just concluded Local Government Elections, it should be clear to all and sundry that the Guyanese electorate still looks at the Ballot with those antiquated eyes and consider elections via that traditional mindset- a mindset that has divided this nation for more than 50 years, a mindset that ...

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