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APNU roasts Ali for ignoring rape complainant in announcing Dharamlall’s resignation

Last Updated on Wednesday, 5 July 2023, 11:25 by Denis Chabrol

President Irfaan Ali. Aubrey Norton.

The opposition People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR)-led A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) on Wednesday condemned President Irfaan Ali for failing to address the plight of the 16-year old alleged victim in announcing the resignation of Local Government Minister Nigel Dharamlall.

“We find Ali’s statement to be shameless, pathetic, callous, and unacceptable. Irfaan Ali expressed no remorse or sympathy towards the unfortunate victim of his now ex-Minister’s alleged sexual exploitation and abuse,” APNU said in a statement.

The women’s rights organisation, Red Thread, and more than 30 persons of Indigenous Amerindian descent have called for legal, financial and mental health support for the girl. They have also called for a probe into how the investigation was conducted in light of concerns about alleged bribery and intimidation.

Though the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) advised that there was no legal provision for the police to proceed with the matter since the girl gave a statement freely and voluntarily did she wanted no further action, legal experts said the law allows the female to revive the case at any time.

Reacting to Dr Ali’s announcement that he has accepted Mr Dharamlall’s resignation as minister and parliamentarian, APNU said the President disrespected Guyanese who are concerned about the incident that allegedly occurred at Mr Dharamlall’s residence last year December. “He (Ali) expressed no empathy for the feelings of the masses of Guyanese who experienced, and continue to experience, shock
and moral outrage over the injustice. He expressed no concern that the criminal justice and child protection systems in the country malfunctioned. Irfaan Ali expressed concern for none of that!,” APNU said.

That opposition parliamentary coalition partner accused the President of exhibiting “sole concern” for the image of his government, a situation that exposes the moral bankruptcy and self-obsession of the PPP regime.  “The PPP is not interested in justice, accountability, and the rule of law. The PPP is instead bent on putting its self-interest above the human and constitutional rights and welfare of our children, women, and citizenry as a whole,” he said.

APNU urged Guyanese  not to let their memories and sense of moral outrage fade over those acts of atrocities as the more the PPP regime believes it can act in any fashion with immunity, the more it will be disrespectful and dismissive of us as citizens of

Prior to the DPP’s advice, Mr Dharamlall through his lawyer Nigel Hughes, denied all allegations. He had been on GY$1 million station bail.

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