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Daily Archives: October 26, 2018

Showdown: City Inquiry Commission Chairman tells Mayor Chase-Green to “shut up and listen”; she denies being “rude”

Sparks flew at the beginning of Georgetown Mayor, Patricia Chase-Green’s testimony before the Commission of Inquiry into the management of the City, eventually forcing Inquiry Chairman, Retired Justice Cecil Kennard to ask her to “shut up” and leave her attitude for City Hall. When told that, as Chairman of Council’s proceedings, she was the “captain of the ship”, Chase-Green’s asking ...

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Arrest of Tower Hotel’s owner in Jamaica signals crackdown on suspected drug lords- CANU ; Shervington “Big Head” faces extradition to US

The arrest of well-known Guyanese businessman, hotelier Shervington “Big Head” Lovell in Jamaica for alleged drug trafficking marks the start of Guyana going after the ‘big fish’ drug lords, a top official of the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU). “For years and years now, the man-in-the-street has been saying that CANU only goes after the small and the medium fishes, but ...

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No minister assigned to oil and gas sector- Official Gazette

Two days after Minister of State, Joseph Harmon rebuffed a Demerara Waves Online News report on responsibilities for Guyana’s oil and gas, the Official Gazette has been changed to now show clearly that only the President and no minister is in charge of that sector. In an October 19. 2018 notice of the Official Gazette, Harmon is no longer responsible ...

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