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Soldier admits to multi-million dollar gun robbery, names accomplice

A Guyana Defence Force lance corporal has been arrested in connection with a GY$5.5 million armed robbery committed last week.

“He has since admitted to the commission of the crime and named an accomplice who is also been taken into custodyInvestigations are in progress,” police said.

The Guyana Police Force said a gun and nine live rounds of ammunition as well as a number of items have been seized from the soldier’s home at Middle Road, La Penitence, Georgetown.

A 67-year old female relative, who was at home, provided useful information that led to the arrest of the soldier. He was handed over to police by Guyana Defence Force officers.

“The female was taken in custody and based on further information obtained ,the La Pentience suspect who was identified to be active member of the Joint Services,was located and handed over to the police by his superiors. He has since admitted to the commission of the crime and named an accomplice who is also been taken into custody,” police said.

Police believe the soldier was one of two motor cycle bandits who robbed a Kitty resident on January 11.

Investigators said at about 11:30 Saturday night police acting on information went to the home of the soldier.

There, they also found five cellular phones and a motorcycle.

  • Observation !,Observation !,observation !……and paid informants.
    Most criminal activities using this methodology can be curtailed……..Do a campaign to register motorcycles; deter unlicensed riders ,then determine rightful ownership.
    Cross reference their ”employment” income etc,etc!

    • Col123

      Certain motor cycle coach rider in DR are required to wear an a special vest which ascertain their license to ride…and carry paid commuters… provides a visible ID which verifies the owner or rider..

  • powerplayer

    Mr Chief of staff.

    When one forgets where they come from they loose their way. Remind all your folks. To those who much is given much is expected in return.

    The Commander in Chief is supporting your outfit beyond the call of duty in comparison with your last 23 years.

    Quit being complacent. Take control remind your folks that discipline must be maintained in every aspect of their daily functions.

    Look in to the use of your resources such as our vehicles really embarrassing to see what they are being used for.

    How soon do we forget

  • cuffy

    Soulja boy,military strongman,crime is on the rise,police and soldiers joining in now.

    • Col123

      Kidding dude?…them boys love Ramjattan..

  • Col123

    The GDF is not worth a penny…the first shot from across the border…and these guys disappear…