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Indonesian fishermen walk off job in Guyana

The group of Indonesian fishermen at masjid, Providence, East Bank Demerara.

Twenty-six Indonesian fishermen walked off their job at Pritipaul Singh Investments (PSI), a local seafood company, over a pay dispute, prompting the intervention of the Indonesian embassy, sources said.

The sources told Demerara Waves Online News that the men decided to leave the vessel last week Tuesday because of unresolved pay-related issues.

They are being accommodated temporarily at the Providence Masjid, East Bank Demerara where they are being fed and allowed to pray.

The fishermen, according to the sources, were peeved that they were not receiving a bonus all the time regardless of whether or not they exceed their catch of marlin and tuna. Also said to be of concern to the workers is a loss of earnings when they transfer their US$400 monthly salary to their dependants in Indonesia.

The official of the Embassy of Indonesia is next week Monday expected in Guyana to meet with the aggrieved fishermen and their employer in the presence of a member of the local Muslim community.

Meanwhile, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Winston Felix said he was unaware that a number of Indonesians were in problems in Guyana.

He said their employer, who might have sponsored their arrival in Guyana, first has to write government before his ministry could take action.

“The employer has to writes us then we will check on their status.  We cant presume what we don’t know about,” Felix told Demerara Waves Online News.

The Minister of Citizenship and Immigration added that “we will not send anyone to search for them unless I have a proper case on which to act on.”


    Why is Pritipaul Singh hiring foreigners when we have a lot of fishermen here in guyana who would be glad to work.

  • What a silly response from a Former COP ? This man is becoming senile.
    Laws were obviously broken…..Who is in charge in this country?
    . What is going on in Guyana? First, 41 undocumented females. Now undocumented fishermen.
    How does GRA fit in to all of this?
    I would like to hear a response from Ramjattan and the current COPag.

  • Andy Baig

    This Minister is a total jack ass! If this was Canada or the USA, the immigration department would be on their asses like hound dogs! Its no wonder you lot end up in so much problems because of your lackadaisical attitude.

  • powerplayer


    This aint Pretty. You are receiving maximum efficiency from these guys compared to your kin.

    Be a smart businessman don’t cut you nose and spoil you face

  • Col123

    Wow…foreign workers seeking their fortunes in Guyana….when are we gonna build that wall?…we rich…we can hire foreigners to work for us!