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Four more Senior Counsel appointed

Senior Counsel Josephine Whitehead, KA Juman Yassin, Fitz Peters and Andrew Pollard

Four long-serving Attorneys-at-Law have been appointed Senior Counsel, the Ministry of the Presidency announced Saturday.

“Having considered their high quality of service in the legal profession, and with confidence in their knowledge of the law, His Excellency Brigadier David Granger, President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana is pleased to announce the appointment of four long-serving legal practitioners as Senior Counsel with effect from January 1, 2018,” the ministry said.

The four persons are: Mr. Kalam Azad Juman Yassin, Mr. Fitz Le Roy Peters, Mr. Andrew Mark Fitzgerald Pollard and Ms. Josephine Whitehead.

In January earlier this year, after a 20-year hiatus, President Granger elevated nine legal luminaries to the status of Senior Counsel and has since pledged to ensure that these honours are conferred annually.

  • rudeo

    Weh Nigel Hughes name deh?

    • GuyanaTheHellholeFailedState !

      wheh peeyah deh
      wheh anal deh

    • afc=kfc=uf=dead meat in 2020 !

      weh d law books chamaar teef deh

  • Lancelot Brassington

    Where the bloody hell is Nigel Hughes. This thing is verging on disrespect. If you ask the members of this batch and those of the last batch they will tell you that if they could be awarded silk they cannot see what is preventing Hughes from receiving the same honour. Bharat Jagdeo stated that Hughes would not become a senior counsel on his watch nor on Donald Ramotar’s watch. Was this instruction passed on to Granger when he took office?
    Hughes has gotten some unsavoury characters off the hook but so did Lionel Luckhoo, Rex McKay, J.O.F Haynes, Stanley Hardyal, Bernard Dos Santos, Basil Williams and a host of others including Granger’s late guide, mentor and benefactor. That is what lawyers do.At any rate it is the judge or jury who has the final word depending on the situation.
    It seems to me that Granger is of the view that this influential and independent black thinker (outside of the legal framework) needs to be suppressed before he becomes even more influential. That’s the way Burnham did things.
    By the way, there is at least one front line AFC man as well as a fringe or rear echelon AFC man who I think have done enough to warrant elevation to silk. The same goes for some PPP sympathizers ( not the Chatree).
    Granger needs to start listening to advice because I will not accept that his legal advisers are not speaking to him on these matters. Or if his capacity is becoming degraded he can hand over to Greenidge and go home and occupy a rocking chair.

  • rudeo

    The vulgarity and lack of depth of intelligence demonstrated by two meaningless bloggers tend to spoil the polite enquiry I made re Nigel Hughes…where is the nexus between my blog and the foolish enquiries about some teefing person and another named as peeyah? Thanks Lancelot Brassington…