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Prisoner, who allegedly threatened to kill Pres. Granger, on terror charge

A prisoner, who allegedly called 911 and threatened to kill President David Granger when he is released, was Wednesday arraigned on a terror charge.

Aleem Ally, 22, was charged with one count of causing publc terror and three counts of making use of threatening language.

He pleaded not guilty to the charges when they were read to him by Magistrate Daley.

Ally returns to court on Thursday for fixture.

He allegedy committed the offences on November 21, 2017 while he was an inmate at the Lusignan Prison.

Ally has since been transferred to the Georgetown Prison.

  • rs dasai

    Allegedly called? No proof and is charged? Or is the headline wrong and mischievous?

  • itmickey

    Terror? What about them hungry sweeper/cleaners…what is happening to them can also be considered as terror… Oh gawd, how can them terrorist sleep at night when them supporters hungry belly and them children starving?

    But who investigated this allegation? and who else was sanctioned for this…I think the police scared so they had to charge him…

  • Col123

    These reports are begging for a thorough investigation starting from the jail where he had access to a phone to dial 911…maybe further,during his appearance in the court system where his competence should be examined. Only the creator knows why this country is in such a mess for the last 50 odd years!

  • rs dasai

    Who in their right mind will threaten our Prezzie from a jail phone which is (?) monitored?.

    • Col123

      The operative words…”right mind”…

      • rs dasai

        Demented looks better. Same foolishness.

  • Lancelot Brassington

    Do Guyana’s laws provide for deeming a case frivolous and throwing it out? They should. The system is giving this guy his five minutes in the limelight. What an idiotic waste of stationery, ink and man hours.

  • Col123

    B… this is so much bull… you can’t even clear it with a Hy Mack!

    • Bro.,do you know how many guilty persons revert to and remain “allege” after a being found not guilty ?