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PPP member jailed for dumping faeces on Freddie Kissoon

Jason Abdulla (front). Kwame Mc Coy (red shirt) and Shawn Hinds) in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court yard.

Opposition People’s Progressive Party  (PPP) member, Jason Abdulla was Monday jailed for six months after he was found guilty by City Magistrate Judy Latchman in connection with the dumping of faeces on Kaieteur News Columnist Freddie Kissoon seven years ago.

However, former  Presidential Media Liaison Officer under the PPP administration, Kwame McCoy, and self-confessed death squad member Shawn Hinds were found not guilty of the offence of common assault.

Back on May 24, 2010 at about 7PM, Kissoon had just emerged from Nigel’s Supermarket on Robb Street and already entered his vehicle when a man walked up to him and threw the faeces in his face.

Kissoon managed to drive behind the perpetrator, who ran north along Light Street then west into North Road before jumping into a waiting white AT 192 Toyota Carina motorcar and escaped.

At the time of the incident. Kissoon had been fiercely critical of the PPP and in particular now former President, Bharrat Jagdeo.

  • rudeo

    Six month for dumping sh.. where it belongs….how many years will the Town Clown get for the entire sh..tty capital city?

    • Victor

      jagdeo`s bodyguard ,wonder who will guard the body

  • jp

    I guess Guyana does not have a statute of limitation which is it tragedy for these gentlemen what did Kisson do that deserve shit thrown he is no bloody in angel the things that consume do or say his ass should have been thrown in jail too bias Judiciary System in Guyana yes these men should be set free they should be in a statue of limitation can you say Witch Hunt and still continue if this man was the PNC or apnu AFC member this would have never happened

    • Lancelot Brassington


      • Faadaah Chrissmuss !

        jp talking nansense
        he cannat stand in kissoon shoes
        maybe some shit should b thrown on jp

    • Faadaah Chrissmuss !

      what gentlemen – azzhole

  • Lancelot Brassington

    I am sorry that the other idiots got off but Abdullah will have time for sober reflection. I wonder whether he will continue to associate with the party after his release or how Mc Coy and other PPP clowns will be able to face him. These three jokers should have thought ‘If the task is beneath the dignity of the PPP bigwigs and their children then it is also beneath my dignity’. It would seem that Nandlall considered this sh–ty case to be beneath his dignity.

  • Faadaah Chrissmuss !

    shet d hell up
    he can do what he wants

  • Faadaah Chrissmuss !

    kwame should have been found guilty of collusion
    but his judgement day will come with the benschop fiasco