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Another Berbice cop arrested for road death

Police said a speeding motor cyclist was killed early Sunday morning  when he allegedly slammed into a car.

Dead is 28-year old Gavin Crandon of Angoy’s Avenue, New Amsterdam. He was  pronounced dead on arrival at the New Amsterdam Hospital.

The pillion rider, 15-year old Hubert Williamson,  was treated and transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital.

Investigators said at about 1:20 Sunday  morning, motorcar PSS 1890 driven by a policeman Stationed at Fort Wellington Police Station, was proceeding north along the western carriageway on Main Road,New Amsterdam.

The vehicle stopped on the center of the road to negotiate a right turn into Lad’s Lane ,when motorcycle CJ 735 which was proceeding in the opposite direction ,allegedly at a fast rate, collided with the front of the car.

“The policeman is in custody assisting with the investigation; he was tested for alcohol and found negative,” thr Guyana Police Force said.

The vehicle involved in the accident is owned by the Constable.

  • rudeo

    It staggers my imagination that a police constable owns a motor car….my salary is almost twice that of a constable ….I do not indulge…smoke…have 3 children…budget seriously to make ends meet…and save a few dollars…whew!…a police constable owns a motor car!

    • ExPPP_Man

      suh wah, is the people does leff something wid we. we neva ask fun anything.

  • ExPPP_Man

    So the rider was coming at a fast rate with the cop stopped , he crashed into the cop’s car. The was tested for alcohol and found negative ; so why is he arrested ?