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Layoffs, appointments show racial discrimination, not social cohesion- Gail Teixeira

Opposition Chief Whip Gail Teixeira

Opposition People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPPC) parliamentarian, Gail Teixeira lampooned the David Granger-led coalition administration for alleged racial discrimination by replacing many Indo-Guyanese with Afro-Guyanese.

“Only conclusion can be a State-instituted ethnic political discrimination exclusion,” she told the House on Day 3 of Guyana’s  2018 National Budget Debate.

Teixeira said  that her analysis shows that the lack of inclusion and political discrimination. She accused government of  terminated more than 50 heads of agencies, 663 of the 1,063 places on the 98 State boards appointed between June 2015 and August 2017 are Afro-Guyanese; 255 Indo-Guyanese and 28 members are Mixed.

Teixeira added that of the 187 members on the 43 Boards of Guardians under the Poor Relief Law, 48 are Indo-Guyanese, 10 percent are Amerindian and the majority are Afro-Guyanese.  “How do you get inclusion in this country, how do you get social cohesion when you are ignoring the diversity of our nation,” he said, adding that half of the population is excluded.

Finance Minister, Winston Jordan has said in his 2018 National Budget speech that in 2018, government would continue to engage civil society groups and local and central government agencies, through its sensitisation and information sharing initiative, to ensure that they are aware of their roles in achieving social cohesion. Government plans to use housing, culture and art as tools to build social cohesion in this country whose political landscape is divided between East Indians who mostly support the PPPC and Afro-Guyanese who back the People’s National Congress Reform-dominated A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) which is in alliance with the Alliance For Change (AFC).

Jordan assured that government is firmly committed to creating a harmonious society, based on the principles of mutual respect and tolerance for one another, regardless of age, gender, race, religion or sexuality.

“Admittedly, this is a mammoth task, given the distrust that has been sown among brothers and sisters of our Nation or the lack of tolerance for persons who are seen as being different. Mr. Speaker, we will not let such divisions and intolerance continue to hinder our development. The Government will continue to work to rebuild trust and cohesiveness in our society,” he said.

When the PPPC was in government from 1992 to May 2015, numerous accusations of racial and political discrimination had been leveled against it.

A recent United Nations mission that examined the state of African Guyanese has recommended the immediate reconstitution of the Ethnic Relations Commission and the Human Rights Commission.

  • Col123

    Bulkan said it well :…”the tables are turned”… what part of that these Indos doesn’t understand…these Indos are jokers….

    • Faadaah Chrissmuss !

      colon u r right on ur last sentence
      ppp builds
      pnc brukks
      in guyana racism will never stop – it has been going on since burnham split and will continue indefinitely
      ppp and pnc strive on racism and the people punish and perish

    • raj ramsingh

      right on the point. WHO REALLY CAN BUILD A COUNTRY AND WHO CAN REALLY BRUK IT UP IN A SHORT SPACE OF TIME. History has already thought us that.

  • CleveM

    Not that I agree with it Ms. Tiexiera but it looks like they took it right out the PPP’s playbook. What did you do when you had the opportunity to condemn it?

  • Kassem_B

    ‘Layoffs, appointments show racial discrimination, not social cohesion- Gail Teixeira’
    Fully agree
    Well done Gail

  • Lancelot Brassington

    Could some kind person tell me who carried out a purge at the foreign affairs ministry and later determined that no black foreign service officers were good enough to be ambassadors. Who hatched plans to slide Khemraj Persaud into the Chief-of-Staff position ahead of officers who were senior to him? Who denied Genevieve Whyte-Nedd the position of Chief Education Officer in spite of her long acting period, her qualifications and her experience? Who tried to whip up ethnic fears by saying that if APNU-AFC won the last election the army would come kicking down the doors of Indian homes? Who falsely claimed that drums were beaten in black areas during the 2011 election to rouse voters to vote out ‘these coolie people’? Who had Paul Slowe removed from the position of ‘B’ Division commander for seizing and refusing to return a rich businessman’s pistol until the required processes were completed, after he had discharged that pistol irresponsibly? Who paid the incompetent Bharat Dindial $74.0 M annually, to mismanage GPL? Who handed over an industrial complex (the nation’s property) to his buddy on a platter and then then engineered contracts for him by ensuring that the contractual requirements could not be met by anyone else? Who carried extra judicial killings to a level approaching genocide without stopping to think that ‘maybe we’re going too far’?
    When Khemraj Ramjattan accused Priya Manickchand of behaving like Sityra Gyal, Texiera claimed that Indian women were being disparaged. It seems that Ramjattan’s wife is not an Indian woman and that his mother is/was not one either. Texiera likes to play the ethnic card conveniently, well aware that as a white woman she would be safe in any resulting crossfire.

    • Col123

      The cycle continues from a starting point LB..Can you say who ethnic cleanse Guyana in the 60s?….Can you say who indebted Guyana to the hilt,destroyed the value of its currency and left an empty treasury…and I am not even getting into the nit picking as yet…
      and so it was done…
      let’s perpetuate the bs…it’s tonic for the ignorant….

      • Lancelot Brassington

        Both sides were guilty of atrocities in the early sixties. Burnham inflicted severe damage on the economy with his fanciful notions, including widespread nationalization but Hoyte was well on the way to correcting the problem when he held a free and fair election and was voted out of office. Can’t quarrel with that. It was democracy at work. Regarding leaving an empty treasury, you will have to make that case. Ridiculous statements roll off the tongue (or the keyboard) with the greatest of ease.

        • Col123

          I know those Indos would take cowshit and mix it with clay mud and dab their bottom house wid it….it looks like you invented that stuff LB…but cowshit and mud used separately would have different uses unless you throw in some BS…
          Hey LB…Have a merry Christmas and and a Healthy 18…

  • Col123

    You can parrot the propaganda well…and I don’t have to defend my ethnicity, I can measure up well!…but since you ventured into the economy, answer why our forefathers were able to purchase villages upon emancipation from slavery, then we owned Guyana for twenty eight years lock, stock and barrel…and we don’t have any economic leverage to evidence for it…why those Indos got a grip on the economy during those twenty eight years despite LFSB policies to oppress and marginalized them?…and we Afro Guyanese do not squat to leverage?….Tell me why we don’t own squat as those Indos did during those twenty eight years?…if the steal and committed illegal activities during their time “building a country “, the least is they have something to show for it!

    • Richbird

      First off you simple minded retard. I never asked you to defend your ethnicity. I couldn’t care less wether you related to Ramsingh, Chin, Veira, Macfadden or Olatunji. I simply pointed out that you were implying that President Granger and PM Nagamooto were practicing ethnic cleansing and that it is a bogus preconception pedaled by ethnocentric idiots such as whomever the cap fits. There are only two ways that I know of to determine the definition of the term ethnic cleansing. Either you open up a dictionary or as an alternative you may seek to use the United Nations Definition of the term. In using either of those resources your assertion would be rubbished. With regards to how come those people were able to get what they have and are able to hold onto it, is a matter for you to educate yourself on. My story is this. if I work hard and you steal, the likelihood is greater that you would become richer faster and possibly more politically powerful than me but it doesn’t negate the cold fact that you are a thief. It also doesn’t give me a license to steal as you seem to be suggesting should be the case. Nothing personal my pal but your political knowledge seem s to be limited at best and non existent at worse. Perhaps one day you and I could meet over a cup of dhal and discuss this matter indepth. I done talk.

      • Col123

        Well mr politician…it is not kind to put down folks who are apparently were brought up by royalty…that is if you even know your father!…and I don’t mind your appeal to those authorities for your definition of ethnic cleansing..but it is what it is.
        Your deflection from my question about economic leverage of those folks you envy is rather telling…but not unexpected…as the fact speaks for itself…you can live on speculation..and if you have the time, you can look around the world and determine how many of those countries which massa left us, are racing to the bottom of hell hole….and nothing personal also…you can enjoy your daal…I grew up on cassava, plantain and eddoes..

  • Col123

    Boy…not sure if you are sarcastic…but if you are not, you need to get out that closet and look around a little …