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Teachers in outlying areas to get increased incentive

Finance Minister, Winston Jordan delivering a National Budget speech

Teachers working in far-flung areas of Guyana will get an 80 percent increase in remote area incentives aimed at cushioning the impact of high cost of living in those regions, Finance Minister Winston Jordan said.

He noted that even if education infrastructure is increased and improved, the bottom-line is ensuring the availability of good teachers is vital.

In an effort to move and retain teachers in far-flung areas of Guyana, he said the remote area incentive would be increases from GY$5,000 to GY$7,000 and GY$9,000 to GY$12,000.

The David Granger-led administration has been placing greater emphasis on improving access to education.

Recently, the President ordered the establishment of a task force to address calls by the Guyana Teachers’ Union to increase salaries beyond those that have been offered to other government employees.

  • rudeo

    Does anyone know the prices of basic foodstuff and other living expenses at places like Mahdia, Rupununi, Upper Mazaruni etc.?

    • Col123

      Rud.. what’s wrong with planting the land , live stock, fishing and hunting out there…living off the land should not be overlooked… In fact , the government should provide productive lands as incentives for professionals to live, work and develop remote and outlying areas…I read somewhere where the MOH maintains whore houses for miners… that would facilitate growth in remote areas….and certainly attract able bodied young men to seek their fortunes…that’s how the Wild West was developed!…one may think this is nonsense…but history do not lie!

  • ExPPP_Man

    Good move , teachers can use the help in those remote areas.

    • Col123

      Ex KCF dude…deh should raise you taxes…alyou people a mek lots a money all ova the place…

      • ExPPP_Man

        I am paying my fair share, and willing to pay lil moe fuh the teachers . Dem wukk had.

        • Col123

          Boy.. you must be rich… all da money you gat is why jaggie kick you out the party…you shortened jaggie pocket money!

          • ExPPP_Man

            Bai, I got kicked out before Jaggie time. Lang before his time.