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“Best Cop” Eastman, undercover policeman charged with Sagga’s murder

Derwin Eastman and Jameson Williams

Two police men , including an undercover cop and a detective, were Thursday arraigned on a charge of allegedly murdering a city businessman last month.

Investigators said Detective Corporal, Derwin Eastman and intelligence policeman, Jameson Williams murdered Godfrey “Sagga” Scipio and on October 12, 2017 at Stanley Place and David Street, Kitty.

Eastman, a former Best Cop, and Williams were charged based on allegation made by the alleged hit-man and ex-convict, Aubrey Bobb, that he was hired and given the gun by Eastman to commit the act.

City Magistrate, Judy Latchman remanded the duo to prison until December 5, 2017, but not before asking Police Prosecutor, Stephen Telford to address concerns by the defence lawyers about the safety of their clients.

Telford told the court that those concerns would have to be dealt with by the prison authorities.

The prosecutor also gave an undertaking to ensure that an alleged threat against Eastman by an identifiable person again is investigated.

Attorney-at-Law, Nigel Hughes told the court that Eastman has over the years successfully investigated many crimes and so his safety in the prisons is at risk. He also noted that moments before the case was called, an identifiable member of the public, who was previously charged and remanded, threatened Eastman.

In dealing with the allegation of murder, Hughes said “there has been no independent corroboration oif the allegation against Mr. Eastman.

Derwin Eastman’s relatives in the court yard

Prior to the case being called, Eastman’s relatives went to the prisoners in the dock , rubbed his head and spoke with him. That prompted Prosecutor Telford to ask other policemen in the courtroom to “stop, avoid these people from troubling…”

During the hearing, a sobbing woman was escorted out of the courtroom as Hughes was expressing concern for Eastman’s safety.

After the hearing was completed and the prisoners were exiting the chute to go the lockups downstairs of the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court, the sobbing women huddled together.

While Eastman was being placed in a separate cell, he shouted the names of three policemen as he held a bottle of water.

  • ExPPP_Man

    This is a black roger khan or wha , eh Col123 ?

    • Col123

      de man look mo white dan me boy….why you seh he bleck?…The ting seems to be falling apart…we waiting pon the land reparations tingy befo we start with sow fyah and mo fyah… tink we stupit..

  • powerplayer


    The intellegence comunity in Guyana gets an F-. The intelligence community should have known if this best cop is a joker or not. If they knew he was a joker he should have been out the GPF. Today they should be the first to guide the investigation and not charge him if he is innocent.

    Having all these accusations flying around now and net been vetted years ago is a reflection of how incompetent we are

    This Cop belongs to a fraternity that the intellegence community needs to have real time information on. In Guyana this Community needs to know they are not a power onto themselves They need to know they are not above the law. They cannot break the law and expect special treatment. Guyana cannot afford a new Mafia!

    It is critical that this cop is treated fairly and within the Law. If he is guilty as charged throw the book and more at him. Make him an example. If he is not guilty treat him fair and release him with wasp speed.

    • Col123

      all a dem roostas brothas a coming home fuh roast boy!…mo a gon soon com!

  • Col123

    It stinks to the sky upwards…indeed!… This is the kind of stuff that requires in-depth independent investigation!

  • Col123

    Mo to come bro….you ain’t see anything yet!

  • Gtloyal

    What a difference when compared to pre-2015. Could you imagine a cop being hauled before the courts for killing an Afro Guyanese then? Yet some people can’t see the changes.
    Let justice prevail … Innocent until proven guilty.