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Opposition chants down, wave placards in Parliament during President’s address

President David Granger addressing the Parliament on its resumption from the two-month annual recess.

Opposition People’s Progressive Party members of parliament did not walk out of the House as President David Granger was addressing the Parliament at the end its two month recess, but instead held up placards and shouted slogans at times drowning out the voice of the Guyanese leader.

They chanted slogans such as “free and fair elections”, “no more rigging” and “not fit and proper” in clear reference to the recent controversial appointment of Retired Justice James Patterson as Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission.

Except for tapping the gavel about four times, House Speaker Dr. Barton Scotland, who appeared to have been caught by surprise, did not seek the intervention of the Sergeant-at-Arms to restore order in the House.

For his part, President Granger defiantly continued his address as if he was not bothered despite his voice was drowned out at times. On a couple of occasions, he remarked and glanced at the opposition parliamentarians that “they got tired”.

In touching on law enforcement and the violent period stretching from the February 2002 jail break to about 2009 when hundreds of law enforcement agents, gunmen and politicians lost their lives, the Guyanese leader remarked “see where it came from” as he looked at the PPP lawmakers.

The placards included “Boom out Granger #untrustworthy,” “Government and cronies villify 18 outstanding Guyanese,” “Economy in tailspin after Hurricane APNU” and “Granger wants to hijack GECOM”.

When the President concluded his address, the opposition parliamentarians refused to stand as a mark of respect and instead remained seated holding placards and chanting slogans. As the House Speaker was thanking the President, he watched over at the PPP MPs and told them to finish now.

Among those witnessing the protest were several top Western and Caribbean diplomats, senior members of the judiciary and heads of the law enforcement agencies.

  • Yannick23

    Regardless this is truly disrespectful.

  • Emile_Mervin

    I will defend the PPPs right to protest and bear placards, but to use Parliament as a place to do so, drowning out the President’s voice while the President is addressing MPs, has crossed the line.

    I have chided Granger as slothful and being detached, but Granger is the President. Even if you disagree with Granger, show respect for him in Parliament or simply boycott Parliament.

    In Washington D.C, Democrats may say or think whatever they want of Trump, but when he addresses a joint session of Congress, Democrats will never drown out his remarks or show up with placards. There is a place for such political theatrics, but the legislative assembly is not that place and certainly not when the Head of State is the main speaker.

    Jagdeo continues to display a propensity for disrespect, which borders on lawlessness. He shows why he is not fit and proper to lead Guyana again. In a head to head match up, Granger is more man and politician than Jagdeo.

    And I have knocked Granger as slothful and detached, but he is not corrupt or dictatorial. (The Gecom Chair appointment is fully legal). Granger has not sold state properties to his friends. He has no issued contracts to friends. He has not built mansions with questionable sources of funding. He has not seen hundreds killed on his watch without a commission of inquiry. He has not contracted out law enforcement to a drug lord.

  • Emile_Mervin

    Bullshit! The Constitution says the list must be acceptable to the President, thereby exposing the Opposition Leader to the possibility of wasting his time producing the list. And that constitutional clause was approved by the PPP government with a PPP President. This President is on solid legal ground, thanks to the control freaks in the PPP.

  • Col123

    This is the functional level of all involved in the leadership of Guyana… at it’s best…..why anyone would be surprised about the state of political foreplay on both sides of the aisle…some one should haul their azz outa there…where is Jhaatie??

  • Linden Sinclair

    The prophet Micah had to endure difficult situations. He lived during the time that King Ahaz (Jagdeo) ruled. Ahaz (Jagdeo) was a very wicked king (President) . As a result, there was a lot of corruption in the land (Guyana). Things were so bad that the Bible says the people (GUYANESE) had become “expert at doing what is bad.” (Read Micah 7:1-3.) Micah knew that he could not change that situation. So, what would he do? He tells us: “As for me, I will…..” Guyanese gone astray

  • Parbudin Mackanlall

    Outstanding? Joe Singh,William Ramlall, B.S Roy and Christopher Ram may be viewed as people with sufficient achievements and enough of a profile to make them worthy of consideration. Of the fourteen others, by my count the PPP has six in its pocket with the other eight being people who are obscure at a national level even though some of them may have some standing within their profession . Has the meaning of the word outstanding changed?

  • Parbudin Mackanlall

    The PPP gang know nothing about decorum and have no sense of time and place. The PPP has the distinction of producing two presidents who backballed in public while executing presidential duties.

  • itmickey

    Nah…dont compare unlike things …he stand up self righteously now in condemnation…