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Trinidadian engineer rescued after allegedly kidnapped on arrival in Guyana

Sawack Maraj

A Trinidadian chemical engineer, who arrived in Guyana Friday morning for a job interview but was allegedly kidnapped, was hours later rescued and two persons arrested, Guyanese police said.

Investigators identified him as Mr. Sawak Maraj, 33, of lot 131 Sandyways Fairways Marabal ,Trinidad.

“Diligent investigations, buttress by an efficient intelligence apparatus led investigators to the Soesdyke-Linden Highway, where after several searches in different areas, the victim Mr. Maraj was found at Madewini Resort,” the Guyana Police Force said.

Local police said the man’s parents in Trinidad  were contacted by cellular phone  at about 10:50 am Friday via cellphone by an unknown person who indicated that their son was in custody in Guyana and a sum of money was later demanded for his release.

Enquiries revealed that the Trinidadian, a chemical engineer, came to Guyana on a Caribbean Airline Flight about 07:00hrs Friday morning and was scheduled to be accommodated at Ramada Hotel, Providence East Bank Demerara, but never arrived at the hotel, police said.

He purportedly arrived in view of attending an interview for potential employment.

Police said so far, two persons who were allegedly involved in making the hotel reservation at Ramada Hotel are in custody.

  • Col123

    Something is NOT right here!!!….this engineer guy left Trinidad… an oil producing country … to seek a job in Guyana with an oil company ?????…he is educated obviously!!!… Either Trinis are stupid.. ( and they are)… or this Indo dude knows something about cohesion… or with that name, must be a pandit or a chammar!!!…

    • Nissan

      The guy is a Con he work for 8 months in his 33 years he ain’t no bloody Chemical Eng

      • Col123

        He needed to cut cane for a year ..,

  • Lancelot Brassington

    I think Freddy’s wife is a chemical engineer (open to correction here) but she is probably a big lady with limited frontline experience and no recent experience. Incidentally UG does not offer Chemical Engineering and guys who were able to study it through Guymine, Guysuco, Guystac and PSM are either preparing for a long,cold winter or being baked in the gulf states.

  • Col123

    He is kind of very young guy… I have a chem engineer colleague and friend who is into polymers and has skills in making bones which regenerate … it is used in plastic surgery…they are usually very bright types..,well .. too bad for this kid!