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Public servants wage increases announced

Minister of State Joseph Harmon and Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of the Presidency’s Department of Public Service, Reginald Brotherson.

The Guyana government on Thursday announced new wage increases for 2017.

The range is eight percent for those earning between GYD$55,555  to GYD$99,999; six percent for those earning GYD$100,000 to GYD$299,999; five percent for those at the moment whose salaries are GYD$300,000 to GYD$499,999 ; four percent for those earning GYD$500,000 to GYD$699,999 ;  two percent if your salaries are now GYD$700,000 to GYD$799,000 and half percent for those earning GYD$800,000 to GYD$1 million.

Permanent Secretary of the Department of Public Service of the Ministry of the Presidency, Reginald Brotherson said the increases retroactive to January 1, 2017 would cost GYD$3.5 billion  for the estimated 14,000 public servants.

Brotherson said those earning more than GYD$1 million would not be receiving an increase.

Four thousand of the 10,000 were previously contract workers.

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon said the Guyana Public Service Union has been informed that the “final offer” are:

A new minimum wage of GYD$60,000 up from GYD$55,555.

Brotherson said the Guyana Public Service Union did not propose an increase in the negotiations that began last month.

  • itmickey

    This chap put on his ‘tuite lock stock and barrel to announce decreases for public servants…the Union had but two meetings and the govt decided it cant wait for the neg. to complete cause budget for 2018 in a month’s time…collective bargaining has once more take a back seat…impositions continue…anyone who reading this article could you live on a salary of 60,000 or USD 300 per month? This is the level at which almost 70% of public servants are bunched.

    I am once more appalled at this so called “working class government” rhetoric of a living wage…

  • powerplayer

    What a shame These folk should be given 50% plus increase for a start until we get some money.