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PPP embarks on non-cooperation with govt after Granger’s unilateral appointment of GECOM Chairman

Retired Justice James Patterson (Kaieteur News photo)

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo said President David Granger has informed him that he has decided to appoint Retired Justice James Patterson as the next Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), sparking off a decision by the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) to refuse to cooperate with the government.

“Right now this government will not get our cooperation on any issue until they start complying with our constitution,” Jagdeo told a news conference at Freedom House, his party’s headquarters.

He said the PPP’s councillors at the Neigbourhood Democratic Council and Town Councils would not be lending its support to councillors in those districts and regions where his party has a majority.

Jagdeo added that the PPP has decided not to participate in a Border Committee meeting

Patterson is due to be sworn in by President Granger at State House Thursday night at 8:30.

Jagdeo said the appointment of Justice Patterson amounted to a conflict of interest because he was hired by the Granger-led administration to chair a Commission of Inquiry into the military and he is currently an advisor to the Minister of Legal Affairs and Attorney General. “It seem as though the President has picked someone who is in the employ of the government,” he said.

Jagdeo said any time the seventh person- the Chairman of GECOM- is picked unilaterally violates collaboration and merely went through the process to appear democratic by instead frustrating the process.

“What we have here tonight is  a fundamental assault on our democracy by an undemocratic corrupt cabal,” he said.

The Opposition Leader accused Granger of being a liar and someone who could not be trusted. “You can’t take him at face face value… At the heart of this presidency lies a very sinister nature,” he said.

Jagdeo said the unilateral appointment of Patterson is a part of a plan to rig the elections as had been the case between 1968 and 1992, adding that the PPP would have to again struggle for democracy. He said the international community and civil society would be apprised of moves to engage in electoral malpractices.


“This is an attempt to take our country to the past and attempt  to rig the next elections,” he said.


  • Ashwan Singh

    What a shame! Guyanese should not have, however, expected anything different from this man Granger, who worships Forbes Burnham.
    There he was yesterday appearing at the lighting of a Diya to herald Diwali in Guyana. Today he commences the process to be un-democratic to the same people he purported yesterday to admire. Shame !!!

    • Carlton Liverpool

      Imagine you were so blind to democracy .Is now your eyes open? Is now that you got the Cataract out.? Was Janet democratically installed as President when she threw the Court order over her shoulder? Was Pradoville democratically obtained ? Stop being selective. Sort out those things first then you could talk about democrary.Stop being a neard let’s move on.

    • Col123

      We black folks gat you azz in a carna lil boy… go and eat some rice or do them puja thingy…

  • Orin Peters

    What is the big problem with the ppp since 2015 they never lend any support instead they supporters were told the gov’t was illegal .

  • Lancelot Brassington

    The nerve of this man Granger. How dare he not appoint Ryaan Shah, Ramesh Dukhu or James Rose.

    • Col123

      That’s funny LB!..we bleck folks stick together…. them coolies are blessed with them own moses…taking them wherever!

  • ChosenNChrist

    Uncooperation will not help, can’t fight fire with fire. Mr. Jagdeo has now got to turn and do everything right that falls in his court. If country is valuable to him he will take this opportunity to do right. Stand with the lawyers, ask advice and act smartly and maturely. Withdrawing cooperation is childish and immature. It will only bring division and the Guyanese people will suffer. Ghandi fasted, Nelson was imprisioned.
    Do we have a new party? Now is your chance to burst onto the scene.

    • Col123

      What kind of division is there?…Guyana has a Unity government bro…

      • ChosenNChrist

        🙂 I hope this unity will compel you to return and serve.

        • Col123

          Too old fuh that…can work either around folks where I have to watch my wallet!

  • Col123

    Them boys like hyenas all ova you padna!