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Corentyne labourer knocked unconscious then burnt alive over stolen goats

Mahendra “Azad” Ghanie

As investigations continue into the killing of Corentyne labourer, 21-year-old Mahendra Ghanie whose burnt remains were discovered on Friday aback the main suspect’s home, police sources have revealed that the man was murdered after allegedly stealing two goats from his employer.

The employer, his son and another worker recently confessed to the gruesome crime citing the theft as the motive.

According to a well-placed source, the men confessed that Ghanie allegedly stole two goats from his employer. The source further revealed to Demerara Waves Online that the men claimed they struck the young man to his head knocking him unconscious and dragged his limp body to the back of his employer’s home where a burial ground is located. They then took the body to a shallow grave and attempted to burn it. However after returning the next day and noticing it was not completely destroyed, they moved it to another location and lit another fire in an attempt to cover their tracks.

The hole where the burnt remains of Mahendra Ghanie called “Azad”

The burnt remains of a man believed to be those of the missing labourer were Friday afternoon unearthed behind his employer’s home at Number 55 Village, Corentyne.

The labourer has been missing since Monday after he left his 198 Bloomfield, Corentyne home for work.

Ghanie’s mother,  Indranie Seenarine, recalled that her son left home at around 5 PM on Monday for work and later that same evening called to say that he had arrived.

However, family members began suspecting something was amiss after several calls over the next days went unanswered. “He call Monday and seh mommy me reach. Then now Tuesday we call and he nah answer he phone. So we think he working. But then now Wednesday, we call again and he nah answer and I feel like something happen to meh son”.

Seenarine related to Demerara Waves Online that she made several reports to the No. 51 and Whim Police Stations. After not given the satisfaction needed, family members decided to the venture to his place of work on Thursday.
The missing man’s brother, Razack Ghanie relayed that upon reaching the scene, they saw the main suspect’s son who immediately fled after spotting them.

The older Ghanie they then returned to the scene on Friday to conduct a second search with hopes of finding evidence that his brother was there. It was then that they stumbled a upon a hole situated next to a pile of ashes behind the man’s home.

Becoming curious, the man’s brother took a stick and began poking around the hole and made the shocking discovery of several burnt bones of all different sizes hidden beneath ashes.

The police were then summoned to the scene and upon further search discovered burnt pieces of clothing, a burnt phone cover, a hammock and discarded bottle of insulin among other pieces of bones.

According to Ghanie, his brother only worked for the suspect for four months and during that time, he was accused of stealing a sim card.
Mahendra Ghanie resided in Bloomfield with his mother, two sisters and one brother.
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    Here we go again! Why is it that people can never get a proper response from the police. Never. Its a shame.

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    Do you read the Bible?

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      Which Bible ? The Bible according to who ? When u say read the bible, you gotta be little more specific, because there over 100 versions, all telling a different story.

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        All saying “Vengeance is Mine”…said the “Lord”

      • Yannick23

        Kudos to you Ex, that is the perfect answer, and actually there are over 3000 versions which on a daily they extrapolate from one version and a few days after they will add some thing totally foreign to the actual words of Jesus.

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        Ex KKK dude… we atheists folks who know something about the Bible refer to it as dispensation… now do you know which dispensations were influenced by Satan!… and please don’t pay attention to the version by the slaveowner!

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