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Rape accused escapes from Lusignan Prison

Dellon Blake

A prisoner, accused of rape, has escaped from the Lusignan Prison, Director of Prisons Gladwin Samuels said Wednesday.

He is Dellon Blake of Kamuni Creek, Demerara River, West Bank Demerara.

“He has tear drop tattoo on left side of his face. He cuts cabbage for a living,” the Prisons Director said.

Samuels said Blake,35 years old, escaped from holding bay two at the Lusignan Prison.

He is of mixed ancestry.

He is charged with the offence of rape.

Blake was admitted to prison July 24, 2017.

Sources said Blake might have used a bed sheet to hoist himself , separate tge barbed wire and scale the wall.

  • Ashley Singh

    Time for Rumjattan to go. Sixth wheel to a Coach.

    • Sapodilla Girl

      Want Rohee back? What would Rohee do?? Come on Ashley, some pearls of wisdom from you are in order!

    • itmickey

      Agreed but he is the fifth wheel…

    • Charles Selman

      Did he buy his way to temporary freedom?

    • Col123

      I agree that it’s time for Jhaatie to go and get a drink to coach Naggie …is Sixth wheel a cocktail?

  • cuffy

    There we go again,the only reform in the prison system..ESCAPING.