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Dead bandit was prison officer; gun, ammo stolen items found in his possession

DEAD: Troy Munroe

The bandit, who was shot dead while attempting to rob two businesswomen Tuesday morning, has been identified as a former member of the Guyana Prison Service, police said.

He is Troydon Munroe.  The 24-year old man  was dismissed from the Guyana Prison Service in March, 2017 for breaches of the regulations and he was described as a delinquent.

One .32 pistol and a number of matching rounds as well as two ladies handbags and mailbags containing cash, gold and other items were found in Munroe’s possession.

Munroe was identified by his aunt, police said.

Fearing that their investigations and prosecution could be compromised, the Guyana Police Force declined to disclose the identity of a Munroe’s accomplice, who was dropped off by a white car on New Market Street, and walked into the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation for medical attention.

The two men were shot at by a private bodyguard who was accompanying two businessmen from the Eugene F. Correia ‘Ogle’ International Airport with cash and gold.

Investigators were told that the men attempted to rob the women when they stopped at Railway Embankment Road and Giftland Mall Road to purchase plantain chips. Munroe was shot dead and his accomplice fled on foot.

  • Kassem_B

    ‘Dead bandit was prison officer; gun, ammo stolen items found in his possession’
    What is new here?
    Who can the civilian population trust and rely on now?

    • Col123

      We can trust the President and Naggie… Them boys are holier than thou and know the twelve commandments by rote…

      • Charles Selman

        We are in frightening times. Every day sees robberies, shootings, killings.
        And all this since Jaggie time only. And even now, though he is out of power. He taught the bandits well.
        What is Prezzie doing? Or refuses to do? Or unable to do?
        Licensed firearm holder gets robbed. He shoots the bandit. He gets charged. And the bandit will rob someone else shortly.
        Is this the change I voted for?
        The good life!

    • Second Coming

      Criminals take chances with their freedom and lives each time they commit dangerous and even deadly crimes. Most of them never focus on ‘what if this attempt gets botched’, and despite this photo being seen by other armed and dangerous criminal, they will continue their activities thinking they will get away with them all.
      Same thing with those just caught smuggling cocaine in a shipment of rice to Jamaica. No matter how many busts happened in the past, something propels others to think they can get away with their own attempt.
      When crime becomes a way of life, the consequences can be very, very costly. More costly than whatever the loot is valued.

  • brain dead idiot

    don’t know what to say about these thiefing ppp people dem always at it jaggie say not to do dem anything andgrangie and nagga seh dem bad