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Cocaine-laden rice shipment seized in Jamaica

Reproduced from Jamaica Gleaner

Livern Barrett, Senior Gleaner Writer

The five bags in which the cocaine was found in a container with a shipment of rice at the Kingston Container Terminal

The Narcotics Police made another major drug bust Monday when cocaine valued at just over JA$100 million was found among a shipment of rice at the Kingston Container Terminal (KCT).

According to law enforcement sources, the rice was destined for a local distributor, who detectives were trying to locate up to late yesterday.

In the latest incident, law enforcement sources said the police, accompanied by members of the Customs Contraband Enforcement Team, conducted a snap operation at KCT and immediately trained their focus on cargo from specific containers.

“Examination of a 40-foot container revealed a total of five leather bags hidden among the shipment,” one source revealed.

According to the source, the bags had a total of 78 parcels, each containing white powdery substance resembling cocaine.

Sources say initial investigation has indicated that the container travelled from Guyana, through Santo Domingo and Dominican Republic before arriving in Jamaica.

It is the third major drug seizure by detectives from the Narcotics Division in the past six weeks.

In July, 77 kilogrammes of cocaine, valued at $92.8 million, was allegedly seized in a house in Portmore, St Catherine.

Earlier this month, the Narcotics Police, with assistance from the military, seized just over 1,700 pounds of ganja, value at $68 million, during a 10-hour operation in St Mary.


  • Col123

    We folks still mekking money off the drugs… a wonder who watching who?… SGT Pyle… RIP … passed on ….and all all the oversight done… on them corrupt folks…
    All the big talk about the parallel economy done dead…but which apparently still exist… and the real economy on the way going south…we need some mo propaganda… seems like the government used up all..

    • ExPPP_Man

      I thought the drugs were because of the PPP. How come all you shipping now ? Weren’t ya’ll PNC Jesus pickney … neva touched that stuff that Coolie get rich off of.

      • Victor

        they had turned a blind eye , because money not integrity was the name of the day , once the government is looking the other way the children will play .

        • Col123

          So what is now the name of the day now Vic?…they were getting caught then as it is now…

          • Charles Selman

            Why do I get the impression that this investigation will suddenly be unpersued?
            The more the millions, the more it can be spread around to adulterate the evidence.
            Happened before. Happens now. All the talk about ending corruption! All talk!

          • Col123

            Sure … it was happening then and it is happening now … but the same propaganda continues…

      • Col123

        ExKKK guy…abee a try fuh get rich too… is awee time now… shipping haaad boy…we gat fuh try them otha techniques wha alyou larn… we want big houses too now that SOCA gat alyou dancing to marajin…

  • rudeo

    Gobbels passed on


    To Exppp & Col123
    The same people who was shipping the drugs during the ppp time is shipping it now, what we need to find out was who was the shipper and if he was Indo. Want to take a BET?

    • Col123

      Peter… is them boys wid big house and those planting rice getting caught with the stuff…

  • Col123

    Same thing now.. where is the COI….. where is SOCA and DORA… why they are still doing it… and who are getting caught.. not them chaps with big house and rice planters…getting caught..

  • eddie

    LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL pot call e mattie balck

  • eddie

    r u saying the same thing is happening “for every one that get caught 50 passed” so what happen to the law and order government awwww shuck you guys are still between the margin of error to blame the PPP go ahead say it,,,,,,,,,,,,,, for me I hope everyone of them that get caught feel the full force of the law and rot in jail for peddling this poison that destroy so many lives

  • rs dasai

    Hey Girls.
    The ‘container’ travelled through Santo Domingo and Dominican Republic B4 arriving in Jam. Can anyone tell with certainty ‘how far did the drugs travelled? Figure well.