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Jagdeo submits third list of GECOM nominees

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo on Friday submitted a third list of six nominees for the post of Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) to President David Granger, saying he is hopeful that the Guyanese leader will select one of them in light of the recent High Court decision.

“It is my expectation that the President will select a Chairman from this list especially now that we have the ruling of the Chief Justice on this matter,” Jagdeo said in announcing the names.

Today, I submitted to President David Granger, the names of six (6) persons for the appointment of a Chairman of GECOM, pursuant to the provisions of Article 161(2) of the Constitution of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana.

The six (6) names are as follows:

1.            Major General Joseph Singh;

2.            Attorney-at-Law, Mr. Teni Housty;

3.            Attorney-at-Law, Mr. Sanjeev Datadin;

4.            Mrs. Annette Arjune-Martins;

5.            Pastor Onesi La Fleur;

6.            Former Magistrate Mr. Krishnadatt Persaud;

It will be observed that in respect of the names which I submitted to the President,

One is a former chairman of GECOM; two are attorneys-at-law with over 10 years of good standing at the Guyana Bar and both of whom are qualified to be appointed as judges of a court having unlimited jurisdiction in civil and criminal matters in Guyana in accordance with the Constitution of Guyana; one who is an attorney-at-law with over 40 years of good standing and a former magistrate who served in that capacity for over 20 years; one who is a business person in the local airline industry and who has received national and international acclaim for her work in protecting Guyana’s biodiversity; and one who has distinguished himself as an agriculturalist and has made a sterling contribution in Guyana and the Caribbean in the area of Education and Religion.

Having regard to the antecedents in relation to this matter and a subsequent meeting with the President at State House on June 12th, 2017 where we agreed to establish a High-level Exploratory Committee which was never activated by the government, I continued an elaborate and protracted consultations which lasted several weeks with various stakeholders. During this process I solicited their views, and sought nominations, in my efforts to ensure that I present six (6) names to the President who satisfy the requirements contemplated by Article 161(2) of the Constitution. Arriving at these six (6) names was not an easy task.

It is my expectation that the President will select a Chairman from this list especially now that we have the ruling of the Chief Justice on this matter.

  • Kassem_B

    Since this last list can be consider as the 3rd level list, the President can go back and select one from the 2 previous lists

    • Col123

      Granger can still reject this list … and do his thing… get some popcorn..the entire political process is at play if the First People become political active..AFC may still be alive if they leave the coalition, and IF Amerindians get involved as a political party….. we can see further fractures in Guyana as we have in Central and South American societies.. which will give weight to more foreign role in the local politics…
      This coalition literally may have done something positive for Guyana with their misadventures and ignorance at governing..

      • Jinnah Rahman

        Kassem Bacchus – After 23 years of PPP misrule rule, and just over 2 years of this Coalition, the first of its type in modern times, you have the Gaul to make remarks that makes no sense to me and I sure to any reasonable onlooker.

        It is respectful that you use your correct name and identify yourself as a Guyana who can stand up for injustices, as you did within the PPP-UK BRANCH, especially among the most Stalilinistic personalities in persons Barry Sookram and former Guyana High Commissioner, Lall Singh, Dr. JAGAN bag carrier.

        No one could have have stood up against the Bullyism of the PPP heirachary in Guyana and where every they had their party branches.

        The big issue in Guyana is the fair of Free and Fair elections, which the Jagdeo-PPP hopes to win.
        You have raised some factual issues that will determine the outcome of any future elections, the growing population of a mixed race, which know one can easily manipulate.
        Any future elections will be determined by the direction in which party or groupings that has been able or capable of satisfying their ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL NEEDS.

        • Col123

          JR bro.. I know that you can write something that makes sense…just make the effort bro.. please…I will read it… shoots… do you know how costly it is to go to a comedy show… which you can provide it free?…come on…give it a shot..

      • faoud khan

        Col, your last paragraph is exactly the feeling of a growing number of the population. Well said.

      • Kassem_B

        This episode is not getting Guyana anywhere.
        More pain, more dislikes among our people
        When are we going to read something new from our politicians that makes us proud?

  • Fedup / GT

    One more list of SHOIT

  • Jinnah Rahman

    JAGDEO RUNNINGS – Never before had Jagdeo sweat so much trying his best to look democratic and dutiful.
    Whilst, this entire selection system is Highly undemocratic and devised to accommodate the two main parties, the best choice here will be Joe Singh, a man who surely knows the wuk. The President should not hesitate to appoint him.

    • Col123

      JR padna..How come you NAME na deh pun the list boy?….. darn… I lost a bet that you were gonna be on he list as you are the most kiss azz Jaganite on the block…. well, at least you get an education from them bazzstards…now is time to kiss them APNU JHAAT butt…you’re the boy…

      • Jinnah Rahman

        USA IMPERIALIST COLONEL – you have been trained to invade other countries and you are so nostalgic that you can’t sit and enjoy your spoils that you brought from your raids in devastated Iraq and Afghanistan. What a shame.
        For your information, I have a Home, which is called Guyana. You have none, because you are not Peace within. Leave us to carry here. We don’t your Foreign intervention, especially when you don’t have a name . LOL

        • Col123

          you sitting pon awee oil…padna…….How on earth you didn’t get your name on the list?

      • Yannick23

        Col I am shocked JR is not on this list.

  • Emile_Mervin

    Jagdeo is as defiant as they come. Not a single JUDGE, past or present, is on this new list. But if Jagdeo is defiant, Granger is more defiant.

    And what makes this exercise increasingly laughable is that the PPP was in power when the constitutional clause for selecting a new Gecom Chairman was legislated. The clause stipulates that, while the Opposition Leader will select the names on the list and submit the list to the President, the list must be acceptable to the President. There is no final resolution to the process if the President, in his constitutional right, finds each list unacceptable. Not even the court can make Granger accept any list.


    The same way Jagdeo bashed the PNC and Guyanese over the head with the PNC Constitution, it is the same way the Coalition is bashing Jagdeo and the PPP over the head with the Gecom list rejection option.

    • Col123

      You would love and enjoy a constitutional crisis and no 2020 Elections… wouldn’t you Emile?…one of the defiant ones there makes you giddy with spouting copious ethnic hatred and envy…and the other more defiant one, simply allows you to expose your inherent ethnic preferences with your political loyalty…good job!.. keep it up!

  • Col123

    This entire process is intended as a showcase to display power and control by the President…nothing more,nothing less. The adventure of bruising the opposition to the delight and satisfaction of the Presidential supporters is bad policy for any government, especially a government which speaks of unity and cohesion. It just amounts to the fact that this President feels that 49 % of the voters are idiots or as Feddie wrote…”self destructive PPP supporters.”
    This unfortunate foreplay can only produce bitterness and a miscarriage of justice in the long run!

  • Yannick23

    This Coalition Govt is only just over two years in power and their tendencies to display such a great degree of authoritative actions it is simply dangerous to democracy. In this present day and age I would dearly advise that it only seems that we as a nation seems to be regressing instead of progressing. I do hope I am wrong in this endeavor as we walk through this term with people like Nagamoottoo and ramjattan.

  • itmickey

    If this showcase continues could there be a “motion of no confidence in the president” hitting parliament cause his actions can be viewed as working against the principles of democracy…

    • rs dasai

      Even so of the Prezzi, is the Opposition Leader not equally guilty for submitting more than one list? If so, should not the first list be considered only?

  • rs dasai

    Be serious. He may be inherently selectively biased.

    • Col123

      These paid Afro bloggers worship the Naggie and Jhaattie guys to the point where they would garland them…because they put we black folks in power..I am willing to bet that if Jaggie had both Naggie and Jhaattie on his list , these same racists will have a stroke…and I am willing to bet further that Grangie would have rejected them on the basis that they are chitheads…

  • Col123

    I welcome your opinion… not sure about your caveat that Joe …”unless he is no longer the just & apolitical gentleman “… that is red meat are for illiterate folks…You can do better…

  • Col123

    Burch..them coolie folks selected and proposed by Jaggie sending chills through you bones boy…I think that we black folks don’t let any thing bother us…come on …get with the program…you letting me hand fall boy..

  • Col123

    Mike: JR is a guy who could be my brotha from anotha motha… and my friend…my dad was a cool guy… he got around in his days….so you neva know… JR got connections to the President.. so I will stick with the dude…

  • Col123

    You have proved beyond a shadow of doubt that you are a racist… with regards to my position, I would be interested to see how you can prove that I am a racist to my fellow Afro Guyanese kith and kin …and being a graduate from a notorious Black American University… Go ahead … give it a shot… and while you are at it , give us an idea how many Indos ever made it to my rank in the US Army….

  • Col123

    What happened to the two previous submitted lists… OK… they were not ” fit and proper “… that is right out the box!!!.. Mr Granger is shifting alright!

  • Col123

    Burch..Thanks for your service.. and I salute you also….you gave up a lot….I wish I had the opportunity to serve in Guyana…it wasn’t meant to be..My promotion in the US Army requires an act of Congress…so I have bragging rights..besides, I have a critical MOS.(military occupational skill – civilian occupation)…which had me recalled for active duty for a year, a couple of months after retiring…and I am still on a recall status indefinite… despite retired…Trump does not mean much to the US Armed Forces. We can refuse an illegal order….