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Suspected wife killer arrested near Guyana-Suriname border

MURDER ACCUSED: Ryan Singh shortly after he was arrested.

The 25-year old man, who is the prime suspect in the killing of his 16-year old reputed wife, was caught Wednesday at Crabwood Creek, Springlands area, a top police officer said.

Ryan Singh was spotted by public spirited citizens based on a wanted bulletin that had been issued and he has since told investigators that he was staying in an abandoned house, Berbice Divisional Commander, Assistant Police Commissioner, Paul Williams said.

He is accused of killing 16-year old Parbattie “Roseanna” Lakhpaul of 369 Number 2 Village, East Canje, Berbice on July 26, 2017 after she told that their relationship was over.

He was arrested at about 11:30 AM Wednesday near the Guyana-Suriname border.

Singh, however, said he could not remember where the house is located, said Williams. “He not showing the place,” the police officer said.

KILLED: Parbattie “Roseanna” Lakhpaul

Singh is not from Berbice, but he belongs to 48 West Ruimveldt Estate Housing Scheme. Records show that he had stabbed his then girlfriend in 2015 before fleeing to Berbice. He was never charged with that offence, but charged with public fighting several years ago.

The Guyana Police Force has said that Singh and Lakhpaul had a misunderstanding and the suspect was asked to leave the home which he did but only to return this morning, allegedly committed the act and fled the scene.

A knife suspected of being the murder weapon was found in a cistern near the teenager’s body which bore a laceration to the throat.

  • itmickey

    nice, nice gal…da man cruel boi..parenting has become so much harder these days…we have to sit our children down and enlighten them about these monstrosities in society, ugly as it is…dont get caught up with ‘sweet talk’…times have changed and so parents have to ensure that their children know about the ‘darkness’ around…hmmm

    • Lancelot Brassington

      More importantly they should be schooled to pursue a meaningful career, to earn their own money and not get tied down early.

  • Col123

    Sixteen years old??… what a bloody shame??? Another case of parenting with them baby daddy syndrome?

  • Col123

    No good can come with the death penalty… and death is not a penalty….. never was… never will…we have a lot of canals to clean , roads to build, sports facilities to maintain… it’s about time we get some work out of these type folks….


    Domestic violence against women in Guyana stems mainly from Guyanese men insecurity, their inability to accept been dumped and their petty egos and when their friends tantalize and laugh at them they react by killing their girlfriends or their wives. Some people talk it’s about Love, this is not about love this is about ignorance, sane people don’t kill the thing or person that they love.