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Timehri prisoner, who was shot dead, did not attempt to escape- sources

The headquarters of the Guyana Prison Service, Brickdam, Georgetown.

The murder accused prisoner, who was shot dead last Friday at the Timehri Prison, did not attempt to escape, in stark contradiction to information provided by  government on the day of the incident.

Well-placed sources told Demerara Waves Online News that there is no evidence to support the public official position that 26-year old, Winston “Town Man” Hinds had apparently sought to escape from the penal institution located at East Bank Demerara.

Highly placed sources said Hinds and another prisoner had attacked a third prisoner and began beating him.

In fact, sources said Hinds, who was armed, refused to obey orders more than once to cease attacking the prisoner.

The most senior officer at the time, according to sources, then opened fire, hitting Hinds who was rushed to the Diamond Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

However, on the evening of the incident, government gave a different account which in part read. “Clear and repeated orders were issued for Hinds to desist but he refused in every instance and continued running. Prison officers were left with no option than to curtail his escape bid.

This necessitated the use of live rounds as a last resort after every other option had failed. Hinds was struck on the body by a single round and was immediately taken to the East Bank Demerara Hospital Complex at Diamond where he was pronounced dead on arrival,” according to the statement issued through government’s Department of Information.

Last month was marred by the worst prison unrest in Guyana’s history, first with the burning of the Georgetown Prison and subsequent escape of 13 inmates through a muddy hole from the swampy Lusignan holding area.

After that escape, the security forces apparently took no chance and injured 16 prisoners with pellets and rubber bullets at the asphalted and roofed holding area at Lusignan after they were seen ganging up and disobeyed orders to break up.

  • powerplayer

    Dam if you do Dam if you don’t. These guys are prisoners They need to learn to live by rules or face consequences including death.

    Tragic as it is The family has my sympathy. To all you people out there that know the answer get involved in the justice system. Go volunteer some time at some of our jails or lock up understand what the jail keepers have to deal with. Go sit in our court rooms for a few days and listen to ignorance.

    The authorities need to quit being soft on crime and criminals. We don’t need to follow the so called civilized world and explain away crime. Do the crime pay the time.

    Jails are overcrowded lets do heavy fines and hard labour in chain gangs working around the country. under heavy armed guards.

    • Gtloyal

      “Jails are overcrowded lets do heavy fines and hard labour in chain gangs working around the country. under heavy armed guards.”
      I agree that we need to find alternatives to our present system. I would support community services, including hard labour.
      We need a system that functions as a deterrent.

    • Richbird

      Thanks for your sane commentary.

  • Col123

    There isn’t any good reason in this world to kill anyone….this is unconscionable…

    • Richbird

      This is the most ignorant statement yet. How do you make such a statement not knowing the facts? I guess according to your logic, a prison officer should not defend himself if attacked because one should not kill under any circumstance. You are the same people who harbor aid and abet these vermin who rob, rape and pillage at the expense of law abiding citizens. I’m sick of you “goody too shoes” types. You always have something to say when one of these demons get sent to meet their maker but never a peep when they are making the lives of good people a living hell. Please just shut up, sit down and be quiet.

      • Col123

        I am sorry that you are ignorant enough to recognize it as such. There are two media reports on this incident… simply, once you pull a weapon, the intent is to use it… a major decisive moment instantaneous… common sense prevails at that point… I will leave the rest to you…I would let you make the decision on what to do next…

  • Gtloyal

    We once said that nothing could replace the legitimate right of peoples under colonial or foreign domination to seek freedom. We said freedom was a right. We had that right and with the support of most of the world, made use of it.
    What is the difference between that and an imprisoned individual’s right to seek freedom? Freedom is a right, remember?
    No one, not even a prisoner should be killed for seeking his/her freedom. Shoot to injure and stop the individual. Shooting to kill such a person is a crime.
    Defending oneself when against an armed individual, prisoner or not, is a whole different story.

  • eddie

    where is outrage of extra judicial killing NOW

    • Col123

      No outrage because he is not one of them brothas with a AK 47 trained by the reparations folks….

  • Col123

    Because the facts would bother you… and what is racist about the death of over three hundred brothers that were not investigated…. one drowned clutching his AK47…. Who trained, financed and directed those youths to their death?