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Young burglar promises to change life after jail term

by Antoyne Toney

A  young man was Wednesday morning jailed for two years after he pleaded guilty to stealing several items from a house in Georgetown.

Eighteen-year old Justin Austin of Lodge Housing Scheme was sentenced to prison by Chief Magistrate, Ann Mc Lennan after he admitted to stealing the items.

They were three televisions, one radio set and one Play Station.

Austin admitted that between July 29 and 30, 2017 at 239 Lodge Housing Scheme, Georgetown, he stole the items valued GYD$538,000 properties of Shawn Ferguson.

he court was also told that Ferguson was not in Georgetown when the man broken into his house, but was later told by someone via a cell phone call. He made a statement to the police.

Austin said he was very sorry about what he did and promised to get counseling and find a job when he leaves jail.

  • ExPPP_Man

    Them learning from young. 2 years in HQ and he comes out a well trained PNC

    • Col123

      Ex-KKK guy…alyou people rich boy…..what the heck you doing with THREE television sets in you house?…that’s why the population ain’t growing…too much darn TV watching!….

      • ExPPP_Man

        This is not us; this is all you stealing from one another. Look who are the thieves and who are the victims in this case.

  • Ashwan Singh

    He doesn’t have to change his lifestyle ! Before Christmas his president will pardon him !

    • You are a racist…….people like you are dangerous to Guyana.
      Before Christmas “His president”………because both of them are black.
      Did you stop to find out how prisoners are pardoned? Who makes the recommendation. The role of the President in the whole scenario. ARE YOU AWARE THAT THE SUBJECT MINISTER IS INVOLVED?
      You fellows are allowed with impunity to spread you hateful bile…..gwan da side.

      • Ashwan Singh

        Where in my blog did I say, or even make an infinitesimal suggestion, that it was because he is black he was going to be pardoned by Granger? Isn’t Granger the President of Guyana? Isn’t Justin Austin a Guyanese national? Where, why or how can my words be racist?

        You, obviously, have racism uppermost in your mind because of your mindset. This partisan thinking will never go away as long as those of your ilk are allowed to spill your one sided attitudes, and consequently ferment hatred amongst Guyanese.

        Choose your words carefully, as they become you !