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Lusignan prisoners battle poor drainage, bad sanitation during heavy rainfall

A stagnant area in the Lusignan Pasture Holding Facility.

As heavy rains continue to lash parts of Guyana’s coast, prisoners held at the walled Lusignan pasture were Monday digging drains with their bare hands to cope with pockets of flooding.

Complaints by prisoners about the poor living conditions that they are enduring came one day after the Ministry of Public Security assured that the inmates would be moved to better facilities that have been under emergency construction for about one week now.

Other sources said the inmates are refusing to leave the pasture for fear that they would lose their phones.

Several parts of the pasture where wooden pallets, being used as beds, are placed in muddy areas and encircled with litter such as plastic drink bottles.

Inmates said they have not been provided food so far for the day.

Director of Prisons, Gladwin Samuels could not immediately speak with the media until later Monday afternoon because he was extremely busy.

The Ministry of Public Security said Sunday afternoon that the asphalted and roofed area that has been constructed near the main Lusignan Prison building was expected to be handed over Monday. “Transfer of prisoners from the current open air holding area to the newly constructed holding area which has improved facilities will commence tomorrow (Monday).”

Authorities said the new facility would temporarily house approximately 450 prisoners who were transferred from the Georgetown Prison which was destroyed by fire on Sunday July 9th.

A prisoner digs a drain with his hand at the Lusignan Pasture Holding Facility during heavy rain during the morning and early afternoon of Monday, July 17, 2017.

Government said completion of the works on the new holding area was delayed as a result of persistent inclement weather in the area in recent days.

The Ministry of Public Security said works are continuing at the brick prison building at the Georgetown Prison and another area which was not destroyed by the fire.

“These two buildings will house a total of 350 prisoners at the Georgetown Prison location, further reducing the numbers of prisoners who are being held at Lusignan,” the ministry said.

To date, over 400 prisoners in total have been transferred to the New Amsterdam Prison, Mazaruni Prison and Timehri Prison.

  • Col123

    I can’t believe that the Ex PPP man would subvert all international laws that protect those incarcerated…..and as they “battle” the elements, shouldn’t the laws of war also apply?..
    Even in prison, them Indian brothas know how to survive digging them drains with their bare hands…he must be a rice planter…says a lot about the industrious hard working nature of these folks!…you just can’t keep them down!…bet that the next news will show him mixing mud and cow dung to “daub” up the place and make it look clean!…poor fella!

  • Col123

    true..but you need a lil sugah or honey with the drink!

  • Col123

    That is true about slaves being forced to dig canals with their bare hands…what is really surprising is the other truths that remains hidden…such as slaves being greeted with Biblical verses as the board the slave ships bound in chains and collars.. and the use of certain Christian hymns as they were flogged or lynched, when refused massa orders… but now we are converts…or is it just survival?…..putting all that history behind us..