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Update: Georgetown prison burnt; prisoners being shuttled away; shots ring out as night falls


As Sunday night falls, further chaos erupted at the Georgetown Prison and its environs, fire and prison officials have confirmed.

Numerous shots rang out as police and soldiers sought to prevent several of the prisoners who were moved to the officers mess from the burning jail as a holding area. A number of the inmates also burnt the prison officers mess.

Meanwhile, numerous inmates were shuttled away in open back truck trays and enclosed vehicles to other prisons and police lockups.

Two prison officers were chopped and three shot, reportedly, and were rushed to a nearby hospital.

At Buxton, police cordoned off a ditched car that might have been used by a number of escapees. Reports are that shortly after the fire four men hijacked a car on Bent and George Streets and fled the scene.

Virtually all of the wooden buildings that made up the Georgetown Prison were burnt to the ground. They include the capital block and part of the administrative building.

Prison Chief, Gladwin Samuels said he received a report of an escape and he was on his way to the maximum security jail.

Fire fighters said they were unable to enter the prison compound because the prisoners are armed with guns and the situation is very volatile.

Several months ago, 16 prisoners were killed in a fire there.

More details coming up in this developing story

  • Jesse

    Venezuela must invade Guyana overnight and take their lands back !

    • Cotton_Candy

      Shut up, Venezuela have there own issues to deal with so it let clean up there yard and try to render peace.

  • Louise

    Very sad since they authorities Dont have anyway to house these men my suggestion focus on the prisoners with the capital offences and let the ones with a lil weed go free night court make no damn sense in Guyana that’s same money should’ve used to build a stronger and decent prison rediclous wood prison big joke my condolences goes out to the dead prison officer family wish the injured ones a speedy recovery

  • rudeo

    More incompetence of this circus clowns govt

  • Harry Paul

    Incompetent bunch of ex police and army men running this country

    • Yannick23

      Not Mr Felix Sir, definitely the rest of them including the Law and curfew Cock eyed Jhaat.

  • stagg05

    Well … ? ? the ppp government made good accommodations for themselves and their friends so why shouldn’t this lot…you all had 23 years to build new prisons and didn’t not so be quite

    • Cotton_Candy

      We need to stop using race as the scape goat here because both races are involved in the crime rate in Guyana and the PPP ran the country for over 23 years we are aware of that so let us see what the PNC is going to do now, let me be honest nothing better they are going to do worst than the previous government. Stop the BLAME GAME…

  • Cotton_Candy

    I agree with you 1000%