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Noise nuisance task force formed

A Task Force to combat noise nuisance has been established to spearhead a crackdown on all forms of noise nuisance, the Ministry of Public Security announced Thursday.

“The Ministry of Public Security in collaboration with other various stakeholders having recognised the right of citizens to live in an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity, and free from undue discomfort have taken the initiative to establish an Inter-Agency Task Force to combat noise nuisance,” the ministry said.

The main goal of the Task Force according to Coordinator, Mr Deonarine Ramaroop “is to ensure a greater enforcement of the laws/regulations on noise nuisance which in turn will reduce the discomfort caused by noise pollution across the country.”

The Task Force is currently made up of representatives from the Ministry of Public Security – (Coordinating Agency), the Guyana Police Force, the Guyana Prison Service, the Guyana Fire Service, the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Ministry of Communities, the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, the Central Housing and Planning Authority, the Mayor and City Council of Georgetown and the Guyana Revenue Authority.

The Key Objectives of the Task Force are as follows:

Enforcing existing (or create new) rules governing codes for all building that caters for the use of amplified sound equipment.

Enforcing silent zones.

Eliminate the proliferation of loud music in public transport vehicles.

Recommend amendments to laws that allows the use of available technology to establish and measure noise levels for the purpose of compliance and prosecution.

Curb random and spontaneous open air and roadside “boom boxes.”

To Examine complaint made about industrial noise and take necessary action as deem fit to eliminate or reduce the level of noise discomfort.

The Ministry of Public Security is urging the members of the public to work together to ensure that the environment is free from noise pollution.

  • Watching On…

    Excellent initiative! I hope it is effective and successful.

  • rs dasai

    I am deaf and do not hear too well? And?

    • Col123

      hearing aids rs!..

      • rs dasai

        I hear you. Have you seen the comment by The Lady Rev complaining about ‘Lewd music’?

        • Col123

          Yes…invest in ear plugs guy!..That subject matter is a mine field…Not sure about Guyana…I don’t think you can cuss there publicly…but there is First amendment rights at stake here…tough subject on enforcing such behavior!..It probably should have a time and place just like weapons…Is it a health issue?…NO!…Is weapon a health issue ? YES!…that is a debate ..Smoking can be controlled…is it a health issue?.YES!…Society functions around two basic hierarchy…education and health…and that is where it gets complex…

  • rudeo

    The mini-bus association had signed an agreement with the then Min of Home Affairs that all boxes on buses must be placed in the front door panels….that was never observed….hope that comes under the radar NOW!

  • powerplayer

    Mr Minister

    You never cease to amaze me. I must give you credit. I know upstairs has been empty for some time. I hope something moves in soon.

    With due respect we don’t need task force we need fires lit under your commanders backside so they can get up and do their job.

    Guyanese are a decent set of folks With the nonsense that goes on in the streets in front of the police eyes we should consider ourselves lucky road rage is not an issue in Guyana.

    Mr traffic commander your traffic police need ticket books so they can write tickets. They need to be accountable. I see these young constables with note pads writing down who owe them what.

    The traffic officers are a step above our street hustlers simply because they wear a uniform. The traffic chief needs to stamp out simple crimes like mini busses blocking traffic.
    Go at their terminals and give them tickets for creating chaos. No long talk just write tickets.

    Go to traffic lights and write them tickets for illegal turns. Pull them over for dangerous driving when they drive on the shoulders and against traffic especially in rush hours.

    The traffic books can be filled every hour with the chaos we have on our streets. I pick the mini busses because they use the streets more. They are the biggest disrespectful folks of the traffic laws

    The mini bus drivers have no respect for police or traffic laws. Mr Minister go to cabinet raise the traffic fines thats your job hit the offenders where it hurts. Mr Traffic chief this is the only country that a driver calls a police friend when he gets stopped.

    In the civilized world you are told to keep your hands on the wheel do not engage in hand movements until the officer is finished with you.

    Arm at least one traffic officers. Assign them partners have them move in pairs. Give them Cameras.

    Mr Minister Suriname has speed guns that work with wifi from the phone company. when its pointed to a moving vehicle it causes a printout at a designated location and stored in a memory. The officer has to write a ticket or its the officer neck on the line
    above a certain speed the driver has to go to the lockup and the car impounded until court. Its amazing how Guyanese obey the law in Suriname as the drive from the crossing to the city

    The police tells you the only person can over ride is the president and they advise you to call him if you need to be spared


    The tint situation can be fixed real easy. Have your traffic officers write tickets for tints. Unless the driver has a tint exception to show the police write them a ticket. computerize it. add penalty when not paid. suspend lic. and renewal of tags add fines. This is not new its being done in developed society and our folks follow the law when they are in that society.

    The sun is hot as hell i NY. None of these idiots in Guyana drive with tints like they have in Guyana. They would see the inside of a cell at the percent in a NY minute
    Next would be the low life folks working at embassies. All embassy employee vehicles do not get tint in any county of this world.

    Come on Home affairs could we quit being a banana Republic.

    • Col123

      niceties there pw…..Write or left?…it is found every where in the Caribbean!!!!…worse in Kingston , Jamaica!…it is tribal in so many ways!

  • Col123

    jinnah…is that you boy?…not meeting with the Presi today?…why you referring to the Honorable minister as Rummy?…don’t you should know that rum is haram?…and so is selling wind paddy to them mehicanos…

    • rs dasai

      And rum’s source , sugar cane, is ‘halaal’. Comment.

      • Col123

        Actually…this is academics and zero to do with religious beliefs …which I do respect. But often, I get into trouble on comments that I make about the human body producing alcohol..That is a fact..the end product of carbohydrate metabolism are alcohol and gas..(flatulence)..Alcohol, though minimal serve its function in the body’s physiology..