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Update: Bank robber shot dead; four guns recovered; shot bank employee was one of the robbers

A bandit was killed and another captured unhurt during an exchange of gunfire at an attempted robbery at Republic Bank (Guyana), Water Street, Georgetown.

Head of the Criminal Investigations Department, Senior Superintendent, Wendell Blanhum said the  bandit was shot in his chest and he succumbed. He was 25 years old and lived at Eccles, East Bank Demerara.

Blanhum said one of the suspects , who was shot in both legs, is a bank employee who was wearing a dread lock wig. A suspect who was detained outside the bank has been cooperating with the police, he added.

The car that transported the bandits has been also held by police and the driver,  who reported earlier Tuesday that his car had been hijacked, has been also detained. “Indeed a report was filed but we are not ruling him out as a suspect that he would have colluded with these men,” Blanhum said.

‘A’ Division Commander, Marlon Chapman said four firearms including three 9 MM handguns and one .40 gun were recovered in the aftermath of the attempted robbery.

“They got no money,” Chapman told Demerara Waves Online News. The failed robbery was confirmed by Republic Bank which also said they were being treated and counselled,

“All of our staff have been accounted for and, where required, have received medical treatment. The bandits were unsuccessful in their robbery attempt. Our greatest concern at this point rests upon the safety and well-being of our staff and customers. We have initiated trauma assistance processes for staff and shall continue to work with law enforcement officials in their investigations,”  Republic Bank’s Managing Director, Richard Sammy was quoted as saying in a bank statement.

The bank robber who was shot and subsequently died at the Georgetown Public Hospital while receiving treatment.

Chapman said the bandits gained entry to the lower flat of the bank by entering the southern Automatic Teller Machine (ATM). The bank alarm went off, he said, and the security guards and the bandits exchanged gunfire, even as police responded promptly and continued the shootout.” Our information is that they went into ATM and found their way inside the bank and attempted to rob the bank. The staff were in another section of the bank,” Chapman said.

Blanhum added that the bandits attempted to open several canisters. “Their intention was to rob the bank because they went into a canister and they would have stumbled upon several canisters and attempted to open them as well and also we received information that they conducted further searches in various areas of the bank,” he said.

The Bank, in its statement, said “there was an attempted robbery at its Water Street Branch, Georgetown, early this morning, July 4. The attempt was made as staff entered the Branch.”

In the end,  Chapman said one of the bandits was shot and died while receiving attention at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation and another was arrested. The Assistant Commissioner of Police said a bank employee was escorted to a police station for questioning but he had no details.

Demerara Waves Online News was told that one of the bandits fled to a small eatery aback the Vendors Mall opposite the bank and pretended he was a chef when he was accosted.

Traumatised staff members and customers were eventually allowed to leave the bank through a shattered door.

After the crime scene was protected by security guards and heavily armed police, and the curious onlookers were removed from the area, Crime Scene Investigators were seen marking the locations where several spent shells, amounting to at least 20, were seen.

Republic Bank and the Assistant Police Commissioner credited the police and security guards with quickly containing the situation.

“The Bank extends gratitude to the law enforcement agencies and security personnel for their alert response, which prevented the situation from escalating further,” the bank said. The Divisional Commander said “‘it was good work on the part of the police.”

Republic Bank has closed its Water Street Branch until further notice and advises all customers that their banking business can be conducted at all other branches.

  • Col123

    Not a good sign..Maybe those Indos are becoming cash poor, driving those bandits to robbing banks. Or the PPP changed gears into the gyam fire mode with the freedom fighta brothas and their AK47 back from vacation…. One can only speculate!

    • Alesha Persaud

      What are you smoking? Is your PEOPLE em – go to other NEWS channel and see their pictures line up! The government is in “WAIT FOR OIL MONEY” mode while economy perish…Expect MORE to come! Ever wonder why Carl SINGH was FIRED with the excuse from GRANGER/BASIL that he was too old to function – YET today KN publish an article of MOORE tuning 82 and still on HIS JOB-What about uncle CLIVE TOMAS -85 and still on his job too? The INDOs better RUN leaving your PEOPLE behind to STARVE and wait for OIL MONEY!

      • Col123

        Alesha….I don’t smoke…and will not try the other stuff..The foks in Guyana voted for this…it is what it is…

    • Jamguy

      Hopefully speculation isn’t your day job

    • Arvind Persaud

      Gotta be a racist cunt. People like you is why Guyana will never get any where.

  • itmickey

    Maybe they are becoming desperate or brave…whichever…it is scary

  • Larry Morgan

    col123 your a idiot

  • Shafeek Ferouz

    Why is it that we have to continually play the race card. Why cant we accept that there is good and bad amongst all people. We will never progress if we continue to make statements like Col123

    • rs dasai

      This is Guyana as usual. Talk to older folks.

    • Col123

      Shafeek..which part of my statement has anything to do with race????…Indos are being robbed left ,right and center…reported daily in the news…who in hell trained, financed and were the intellectual authors of those with AK 47s in the gyam fyah mode duration?…You have a problem with facts?

  • Alesha Persaud

    HALL of SHAME! ROBBERY at the BANK now….PEOPLE starving , Granger pouring in MONEY into BUXTON to create more thieves…I remember attending ST.Stansilaus with a brilliant Buxton classmate…ONLY to be LAZY and turn out to be a BANDIT…His family used to live in denial until ONE day he went to WEST COAST and a 71 year old cane cutter sway off his head…Guyana is in Gyam FAYAH mode while HARMON ask the BERBICE people to come up with PLAN to save the SUGAR industries…and I am wondering to myself…WTH! Why Guyanese always fall in the HANDS of LAZY or DUNCE individuals running things…WHY would HARMON ask the people to submit proposals when the PEOPLE tax monies are paying HIM, fellow ministers and CEO of Guysco to do this function? Is this WORLD COMEDY! Where is SOCU and SARA? Hiding under the skirts of the CURRENT government when such calls are MADE in PUBLIC…Fat cats raking in SALARY to SLEEP!

    • ComeLetUsReason

      Hope you are not a reflection of how Saints teaching students critical thinking skills today?

  • Ravindra Ramphaul

    From robbing people to robbing banks they need to get someone in office that will do something for the people and stop all of the crime and killing cuz of right now dem skunt ant doing shit

  • ExPPP_Man

    Why aren’t black leaders coming out and condemning their people for robbing and killing hard working people. Seems one of them got a degree on the back of the hard working Guyanese and yet he so ungrateful, he turnaround and tried to rob the people who gave him an education. Even though he got what he deserve, sincere condolences to his parents and siblings. I am sure they are not proud of this idiot.

    • Col123

      Hey Ex PPP guy…you got a degree also from Abra Cadabra College… that’s how you know Naggie!

  • ExPPP_Man

    Col123 is this yuh bruddah ?

    • Col123

      Yea.. everyone is my bruddah… they will always be by brothers..

  • Sivash Persaud

    Stupid PPP people accused this government because of Republic Bank robbery.Why!

    • Col123

      Sivash…it is those damn “self destructive PPP voters” that will continue to piss you off!

    • Danny Persaud

      who you want the ppl to blame like u just wake up on earth..back in the PPP times pnc goons used to complain for everything an notting they used to blame the PPP…if the sun was too hot..
      I just love how God,time and karma is eating away the pnc cabals..the clock is ticking..

  • Emile_Mervin

    It is rather sad to read the ignorance that racist bloggers are posting. The deceased bandit is of African extraction, just as the bulk of the thieves of the PPP regime were Indians.

    The decision to pick up a gun and rob a bank or to take public funds and assets had nothing to do with race and everything you do with choice, greed and opportunity.

    If the facts are allowed to come out, it may reveal that the bulk of the law enforcement officers that responded were Blacks. If true, we need to read the posts crediting them the same way all Blacks are being negatively stereotyped by the actions of a few renegade Blacks.

    Are all Indians crooks and thieves because a few PPP bigwigs are? Change that broad paint brush, folks. These bandits got what they hoped to dish out.

    • Col123

      Doublespeak EM…you are a racist without any doubt! are a fluent and an articulate commentator…just say what you mean…the BS about those being black Afro extraction in the sequence of events, and those you tarred being PPP Indos is just a bunch of baloney you can preach to idiots. the sequence of events involving the participants in this report, is just what it is…don’t sugar coat it with BS!.. the bulk of law enforcement are blacks…you got to be an idiot not to know that!…and who in hell cares about a few Indos being deemed “crooks and thieves”?…at least , they have something to show for it!…and didn’t blow it away squandering it with baby mommas!

      • Gtloyal

        It’s not doublespeak. It is the truth. The plain truth that you can’t take. The truth hurts but accept it and it shall set you free!
        Of late your desperation is showing in your comments which have become pure BS. Get a grip of yourself. You can’t change things. You were booted out of office. Stay out. Stop whining. We need constructive opposition, not racial baloney.
        And BTW, all honest Guyanese care that the whole cupula of the PPP that you defend daily, are “crooks and thieves” that have their I’ll gotten wealth to show off .. and, and, they just all happen to be Indos, as you say. And … sharing and helping poor mothers is not squandering.

    • Danny Persaud

      Your few lines reflex your own racist capability when a certain race make the news..
      You feel like an Africa bee when you attack my fellow Indians and black ppl frm the PPP…
      Remember. God,time and karma will put you where you belong..
      The clock is ticking you pnc goon…

    • Danny Persaud

      Mr Jagdeo is in NY why don’t you try get in touch with him.he has 34b give away…
      I wish the day you and mr BJ can reach face to face…hope u b strong and don’t shake like trottyyy…

  • Col123

    I have to say this Violet…where in hell were you when we had those Indos running scared with our AK 47s?…it is unfortunate that we lost a lot to some rag tag folks headed by RK , even we were trained by the GPF and GDF!

  • Col123

    She was training them guys in Buxton with the AK 47s during that period…where were you?

  • Col123

    Hey…them janitor at Walmart are good folks working for a living…don’t disparage them!

  • Col123

    Ann…I share your thoughts..

  • Gtloyal

    Reading the PPP stooges’ comments just confirms to the world that they deserve the kick they got in their maggah arses in 2015 ….

  • long_legs

    yuh ain’t shame dat 9/10 posters on this forum easily recognize you as the village idiot and dunce?

    • Col123

      It takes one to recognize that… and it was easy for you to figure…since you have the experience!

  • Gtloyal

    More BS.

    • Col123

      Well you enjoy getting caught knee deep in it … so it’s my pleasure !

      • Gtloyal

        Hope yo surface from it some day. It is yours.

        • Col123

          But you will be still stuck down there …since you enjoy it…

          • Gtloyal

            As I already said, your asinine comments can only be the result of your desperation. Get a grip of yourself.

          • Col123

            yea Gt…your familiarity with asinine comments speaks volumes …

          • Gtloyal

            What is your contribution to this forum? I’ll repeat: get a grip of yourself. You’re losing it.

  • plantain

    It saddens me deeply to read these comments about which party or race is more criminal minded.Very disappointing.

    First off all races are capable of being equally criminal.Those of you ascribing criminality to a specific race think they are no criminals in Europe,Asia,Africa or India ?
    Criminal behavior is often shaped by the environment ,level of poverty and education.

    And greed is often times shaped by some of the same circumstances friends.
    The society is greatly divided & in a tailspin..ripe for exploitation by outsiders.