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Security guard gunned down at supermarket

A 64- year old security guard was Friday night shot and killed with his firearm by two identifiable male bandits while he was on duty.

He has been identified as Gerald Henry of ‘C’ Field, Sophia.

The Guyana Police Force said he was stationed at a supermarket located at Lot 8 Block X, Liliendaal, East Coast Demerara where the incident occurred at about 7PM.

Henry, who was  employed as an armed security guard,  of a registered security was armed with a handgun when he was pounced upon by the suspects who tried to relieve him of the firearm.

“A struggle ensued during which process the victim was shot and the suspects collected the firearm and fled. The victim was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation where he was pronounced dead on arrival,” police said.

No arrests have been made at this time. Investigation in progress.

  • rudeo

    rumjattan has laryngitis… release

    • Yannick23

      This Jhaataha just took a drink but he now choke with a piece of Chaser.

      • Col123

        Bush rum?… the chap cockeye look jaundiced …cirrhosis of the liver??

        • Yannick23

          Col123 I think you hit it (this cockeyed business) on the dot my brother. You see he was playing hide and seek in his youth days at No. 48 Village where he is from, and they used to shoot Coconut Branch Brooms with Rubber Bands. Jhaat was hiding by the side of a house wall and he peeked to see where his opponent was and that was when the guy shot him in his right Eye. So now that is from then on when he looks to Brazil he sees Japan. He then started to drink Cassapar, Berbicians call it Bush Rum and they used to chase with tamarind Leaf. That is exactly why he is jaundiced and has Cirrhosis of the Liver, too much of the Bush Rum with Tamarind Leaf. Today the President make him the Public Security minister and he now sends Police to raid the Makers of Bush Rum. This Jhaat frogot where came from, because he is drinking Whiskey and Vodka now. What a sad case this Jhaat is all about.

          • Col123

            What about tamarind leaves? I know you can make stuff out of ripe tamarind… but the leaves?… can you use it like sai jan leaves?…it may have nutrients! can you say?

      • Orin Peters

        I use to wonder why my country is in such a state i now realise that it has a lot of guyanese with very poor reasoning skills lol EDUCATION OK COMMON SENSE LACKING

        • Col123

          Stop talking about your self.,. The US taxpayers paid good money for my schooling at Howard…where most of black Guyanese couldn’t make the rigorous admission requirements… and I repaid it by taking care of our black folks and Native Americans for eight years… so write your crap!

    • Charles Selman

      Only him? Presi’s order: do not kill the bandits. Kith and kin?
      Every day, several robberies, some fatal.
      What a good life we voted for! Hail the coalition!

      • Col123

        Hey Selman… them bandits gat to mek a living too bro…

  • Yannick23

    COI for the Assassination Plot of our President fully agreed. What about a COI for the sad and untimely death of this Security Guard who was working at the time. My sincerest of condolences to the family of this Guard. I pray that God give him Heaven, RIP my Brother.

  • Col123

    It is sad to see anyone meeting their demise trying to provide for their families… RIP…
    Understandably, the security guard had no chance. What seems to be a simple tactical defensive posture for these armed personnel, proves to be a challenge in Guyana. It seems like a more defensive position on duty would protect the business and customers… and it is so simple…. I always remember a bunch of the Freedom fightas brothas who were wiped out one night, for lack of perimeter defense … it shows the lack of training provided to these brothas, by my army brothas from the GDF

  • ExPPP_Man

    I wonder if there will be a COI into this. Oppps , what am I thinking, who will care about a poor security guard trying to make an honest living. May his soul RIP and condolences to his family.