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Commission of Inquiry to probe alleged assassination plot against President Granger

FLASH BACK: President David Granger addressing the opening of the Annual Officers’ Conference of the Guyana Defence Force

President David Granger has decided to order a Commission of Inquiry (COI) into the alleged assassination plot against him.

Minister of State Joseph Harmon made the announcement during a post Cabinet press briefing at the Ministry of the Presidency.

The Minister said that, within two weeks’ government will make public those who will conduct the Commission of Inquiry.

The President has the authority to order a COI into any matter that is of public safety and happiness of the people of this country, the Minister was quoted as saying in a release issued by the Government Information Agency.

“Any plot or attempt to cause harm to his Excellency must be something that is in the public interest. So it is not a matter of not having confidence in any particular entity but it is the right of the president to determine if he requires any deeper level of inquiry into any matter”, Minister Harmon explained.

In April reports, surfaced in the media of an alleged plot to kill the Head of State. During the said period the Minister of State had disclosed at a post-Cabinet press briefing that Cabinet and the Guyana Police Force (GPF) were aware of a reported threat made against President Granger’s life. A number of persons had been questioned by police in connection with the alleged plot.

  • rudeo

    PPP for Camp Street…go soldier boy…go

    • Danny Persaud

      Nuff pnc ppl will be their for Crum Ewing…murder.
      Who right minded person will want to kill a wast like dis pressiiii….

    • Charles Selman

      Dig a grave for others and you will fall in it.

      • Col123

        Hey some ah them chaps cremate also… ask Hammie?

        • rs dasai

          You remember.

          • Col123

            Them brain cells are working…coconut water with grey gooose!

  • brain dead idiot

    why rig the election when he could up the opposition wid dis go boy go

  • Michael Grey

    He has no interest in the deaths of so many Guyanese.. killed everyday by bandits while his drunkard incompetent minister of security just who had all the answers to crime before May 2015 suddenly got amnesia… he should also order COI into the many blackouts across this country, COI into the horses on the ECD road esp at LBI (it hinders public safety also, and COI into the many dilapidated roads across tis country…. He is the biggest shame Guyana has ever seen.

  • Col123

    The highest degree of bull.. from someone with military intelligence!.. or am I giving this dude too much credit?… this chap is the commander in chief and he doesn’t have a finger on who is pissing any where?… YET.. this fecal head sent SGT Pyle to his DEATH trying to peep at Fat boy Brassington! I know.. I know… Guyanese are entitled to their elected morons like Trumpie in US!

    • D lash

      Agreed.This one moves like molasses going up a wall.Clueless.

      • rs dasai

        Please give The Prezzi some respest. He is the only one who knows what is ‘fit and proper’.

    • Pam

      You are indeed giving this dude too much credit.

    • rs dasai

      Please do not do as others. Mr. Granger is our President and should be so respected, even if we do not have to agree with what he does.

      • Col123

        Hey rs..mucho respeto al Presedente…. .Mr Trump is a President also…can you stop the dude from grabbing at any thing?… Once a grabber…always a grabber..

  • Col123

    I have in the past defended our black folks …. but our Guyanese black brothas take the cake on being stupid…

    • rs dasai

      Please use that cool Banks Beer. LoL

      • Col123

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  • Lancelot Brassington

    That is a matter for the police ( if the police think there is something there to investigate) not for a COI. If the president has hard evidence that the police are still in bed with the PPP (they were certainly at their beck and call up to a few short years ago) then he needs to conduct a purge of the force’s high command. His mentor conducted purges in the GDF for no other reason than feeling insecure. If there is a COI it should comprise retired top police and military personnel from other Caricom states. If the COI is dominated by retired local military personnel it will have the appearance of gamesmanship with a prearranged outcome being done for propaganda purposes.
    That said, I don’t know what a COI can discover that a professional police force can’t ( won’t???).
    If the president feels that the police high command is compromised then let him send the tainted ones packing. If he does not feel so then let the force do its work rather than mounting another expensive COI.

    • Col123

      Good assessment LB.. seems as if we do agree a lot…..EXCEPT for the “police are still in bed with the PPP” portion…that is not true, not even for the the GDF also….the turmoil with the “freedom fightas” over the past decades is ample proof….but that is another subject…which classified information for you may not be available…….Give the Public service some thought…and better yet, have a read on Dr Hinds piece on ethnic entrapment…which fails to point also it applicability to the PNC regime prior to 92…lets be fair….

      • rs dasai

        Even B4 kidneys cannot resist.

  • rs dasai

    Is Mr. Harmon correct?

    If the first sentence of the fifth paragraph is true, why do we need a COI to thwart such?

  • Col123

    get out from under that rock bro…at least no one is referring to the “afro president” girly man !… like the other one and the other “dumb azz”” half term one”!…at least not yet!..These outlets are teaching tools for reasons not to vote FUH CUP…should I continue?