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Raphael Trotman is “hostile” and “incompetent” – Jagdeo

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo (background) and Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman jostled each other to contribute to the debate on the Petroleum Commission of Guyana Bill.

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo on Monday lashed back at Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman calling him “hostile” and “incompetent” despite efforts to cultivate a sophisticated image.

“I thought that this  revealed the true image of Trotman. Trotman has been trying carefully to cultivate an image of  efficiency, reasonableness, that he is sophisticated, suave, that he is above the fray. I believe he is slick, inefficient and one of the most hostile in the APNU+AFC coalition and this behaviour is the real Trotman,”Jagdeo told a news conference.

Jagdeo retaliated to Trotman characterising him as a “waste” and a “relic” who had presided over a government that had been riddled with allegations drug trafficking and wastage of millions of dollars on big projects such as the Skeldon Sugar Factory, Marriott Hotel and the Berbice Bridge. Trotman had said that government would rather be lectured on good governance by PPP parliamentarians Odinga Lumumba and Gail Texeira instead of Jagdeo who was president from 1999 to 2011.

The Opposition Leader flayed the Natural Resources Minister for failing to respond to several opposition criticisms of the Petroleum Commission of Guyana Bill last Thursday. “He knows of his own deficiency that he cannot respond without somebody writing a brief for him to those matters that we are going to raise in a debate because he is incapable of doing that so being incapable of responding to technical and economic analyses, what do you do? You descend into this fatuous antics that he displayed in the Parliament,”Jagdeo said.

That draft legislation has since been sent to a bipartisan select committee for further consideration before it is taken back to the full House for approval.

The former Guyanese leader said said, “I have never seen somebody’s face contorted with rage as displayed in Parliament. He was shaking uncontrollably because he felt incompetent exposed so he went after me in ad hominen attack.

The Opposition Leader said nothing would stop the governing coalition and supporters of calling him gay and corrupt. “They hate me for what I stand for,”he said.

  • pollard

    pot telling kettle how its black, take a look in the mirror, you behaves the same too. that’s your actions too, now you realise how hostile it used to be when you were on the inside looking out.

  • pollard

    opposition leader said governing coalition and supporters calling him gay and corrupt,they hate me for what i stand for, what do you stand for?jadgeo you are responsible for what they say about you, you said the marriage was nil and void, you promised the nation the marriage will produce some little feet running around the state house,the marriage was not consummate,how could you as president did such a thing to the nation .be real of what you stand for and who you really are.

  • D lash

    Finally,finally,congrats Mr.Trotman ,I hope this is just the beginning,hit this racist incompetent fool every time he opens his mouth.He is a dangerous and wicked animal.Period.Yes ,you Jagdeo.

  • andyycapp

    Truer words were never spoken by Jagdeo than today when he uttered, “they hate me for what I stand for”. Damn right; Jagdeo – greed, corruption, squander mania, petty vindictiveness, and racism. But look on the bright side, there are many who adore you for those same shining qualities. Hey, you cant please everybody, right.

  • Col123

    Lots of folks in government since 1964 fit you image Jaggie!…. and what you stand for… whatever that is!
    The unfortunate thing is not any one has the grey matter to recall any of that from 1964 to 1992!

  • Parbudin Mackanlall

    Jagdeo announced that they call him gay and corrupt. Some who did not know that they call him gay now know. Being corrupt is a clear negative. Being gay is historically regarded as a negative although increasing numbers seem not to see it that way anymore. Mentioning the gay accusation alongside the corruption accusation would seem to suggest that Jagdeo considers gayness, like corruptness, to be a negative behaviour. Was he therefore making a statement that he is not gay? Nobody asked him anything. If he wants to address that subject he should do so in clear, precise and concise terms making a definitive statement one way or the other.

  • Kassem_B

    ‘Jagdeo retaliated to Trotman characterising him as a “waste” and a “relic” who had presided over a government that had been riddled with allegations drug trafficking and wastage of millions of dollars on big projects such as the Skeldon Sugar Factory’
    Could only have behaved like that knowing very well that his link with the President and the Bahamas Manifesto is paramount.
    Nothing else count.
    Minister Trotman was not on the AFC list candidates, neither the APNU list of candidates at the last election of 2015, yet he was given Ministerial post.
    Therefore he represent in Parliament no voters only the President.
    The chattering class and bloggers should be reminded of that especially when they start talking/writing about democracy and the constitution.

  • TA

    You know what the sad thing about all this is? Our children has to see how disgraceful our parliamentarians are. ALL of them are waste including Trotman. This name calling and utter foolish behaviour from the top brass in the country does not speak well. No wonder the nations children are getting out of hand. All of them are waste in the assembly from the heavily biased speaker to the end of the opposition table. This includes the boom out crazy minister on facebook.

  • Kassee

    The worst ”President” was Burnham.

  • pollard

    speaking of marriage is a very low discussion?, marriage is very important issue in human lives, religions speak about marriage, it is a healthy life style for a man and a woman, the bible say adam and eve , and a man must take his wife and leave his parents home and multiple and make his/her family,god said multiple and replenish the earth. your defence for jadgeo is very poor.

  • pollard

    like yo shame a yo boy or what?he think he alone could get down and nasty ,but they have more like him.

  • OldDaag

    Watch out you might be next on the list to suck cane and blow whistle….Its a good job for people like you who love being ruled by THUGS….Check global stats….Guyana is still #1 for corruption….After 2 years in office these donkeys still bray @ the PPP! Hmm Hall of shame performance.