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31-year old man accused of sexually abusing 14-year old boy

A 31-year old man, who works at the Ministry of Public Health, has been charged with a sexual offence allegedly committed on a 14-year old boy.

The man was not required to plea to the charge that was read to him by City Magistrate, Leron Daly.

Police alleged that the man engaged in sexual penetration of a child at the National Park between June 21, 2015 and October 22, 2015. The accused is attached to the Public Health Ministry as a liaison officer.

Bail was refused based on the fact that the defendant has conflicting addresses.

Magistrate Daly upheld the prosecution’s objection and remanded the accused to prison until June 12, 2017.

The names of the accused and the alleged victim have been withheld because Guyana’s Sexual Offences Act prohibits the publication of information that may lead to the identification of the minor.

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