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Director of Sport says allegations of financial irregularities “politically motivated”; welcomes probe

Director of Sport, Christopher Jones.

Less than one day after allegations of financial irregularities were levelled against Director of Sport, Christopher Jones, he denied the claims and deemed them “politically” motivated and jealousy of his achievements in promoting and developing sport.

“I have every reason to believe that this article is part of a naked attack on my person, character and integrity which is politically motivated. Further, it is my view that the intellectual authors of this attack are steeped in envy of the achievements of the NSC and the consequent positive public attention which has followed,” he said in a statement.

Jones did not name any politician.

The Sport Director reasoned that the accusations are being made against him weeks after the successful NSC Sport Awards at which the medallists of Guyana’s CARIFTA team were awarded University of Guyana scholarships by the NSC.

“Further, it is my view that the intellectual authors of this attack are steeped in envy of the achievements of the NSC and the consequent positive public attention which has followed,” he said.

He  stopped short of saying the privately-owned Kaieteur News was part of a smear campaign and even suggested that he knows who is the source of the information in the article. “The source of the Kaieteur News article is unfortunate but as a disciplined public servant, I shall say no more.” The newspaper report said it was in possession of documents

Jones, who has been accused of a number of financial irregularities allegedly for goods and services,  denied the published allegations and said he welcomes a probe. “I am pleased to have read that an investigation is being conducted. I commit my full and unreserved cooperation with same as I am confident that I and my team at the NSC will be completely vindicated,” the Director of Sport said.

In turn, the Sport Director called for a probe into the origin of the newspaper article titled and located here
National Sports Commission Director allegedly pays assistant $3M for doing nothing   Further, I call for an independent investigation in uncovering the intellectual authors of the article and that those culpable have appropriate action taken against them by the relevant authorities,” he said.

“I wish to unequivocally state that this article is based on falsehoods and I reject any assertion or allegation of improper conduct on my part as Director of Sport. At all times I have executed my duties with the highest level of integrity and within the law,” said Jones, a former Chairman of the Guyana Youth and Student Movement (GYSM), the youth arm of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR).

The PNCR is the largest political party in the governing coalition of A Partnership for National Unity+ Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC).

Boasting of forging strong relationships between the NSC and all national and other sporting bodies in raising the profile of sport in Guyana, he hinted that he is being starved of resources. “This has been achieved even as I have operated under severe internal constraints and with limited resources – the details of which I do not wish to disclose at this time,” he said.

  • Jiaram Ramdeen

    People should not involve politics in sports. Let the young man proceed with his functions as Director Of Sports. As president of the Guyana Draughts Association I fully support Christopher Jones in all his endeavors. I empathize with him in these trying circumstances.

    • Col123

      True to not mixing politics with sports… now… go ahead and explain the definition of “people ” in your context!

  • powerplayer

    You do not wish to disclose yet you keep on rambling. Quit while you are ahead

  • OldDaag

    What integrity does this government has? NONE! The bully their way to make space for their OWN people will continue to be the prime time on the agenda…PNC is known to create a circle of their OWN in high key positions to facilitate election rigging….The ones who has experience this in the past and living abroad will have their spine shivers to know relatives who are stuck there will go through the same scenario as they did in the 80s…SOCU was created to give BASIL his way….read an article today from ANIL lawyers that indicated the court case had no grounds to charge in and in ANY other country, the charges laid are illegal but was STRONG ARM by BASIL since he lost 20 plus cases against ANIL….Hall of shame stats.

  • BeFair_SeeClear

    He has responded the correct way….He has nothing to fear …let them investigate …..there is nothing to hide….