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SOCU questions fmr. Attorney General Nandlall about law books

Former Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall was Monday detained for questioning in connection with his acquisition of law books purchased by State funds.

Head of the Guyana Police Force’s Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU), Assistant Commissioner Sydney James said Nandlall was not arrested but he was questioned and subsequently allowed to leave.

For his part, Nandlall said “I was not arrested” and he was questioned in connection with the law books. Asked whether he believed he had committed an offence, Nandlall said “of course,not.”

Former President Donald Ramotar told Demerara Waves Online News that Nandlall was being targeted because he was in the forefront of openly challenging the David Granger-led administration. Ramotar restated that, as President, he had authorised Nandlall’s acqusition of the law books “as part of his package.”

  • ExPPP_Man

    Lock him up yes. I don’t care what arrangement they had, time to return the books.

    • Col123

      Hey kkk dude…trying to get the books to study law?

      • ExPPP_Man

        No he needs to give ya’all so you can LEARN the law instead of filling up the jails.

  • Emile_Mervin

    Up until this law nook story, Donald Ramotar was peachy clean. Untainted. Now…he is a Jagdeoite!

  • rudeo

    fearless freddie thief books from ug library…ha ha ha

  • rs dasai

    Leave Emile alone to figure it out.