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President Granger off to UK to meet with British Queen, address Caribbean Council

President David Granger has departed Guyana for a visit to the United Kingdom from April 24-28, 2017, where he will have an audience with Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, his ministry announced Sunday.

In addition to his meeting with the Queen at Windsor Castle on Wednesday, the Head of State will also attend the Caribbean Council’s Annual Reception at the House of Lords.

The President will deliver an address at that reception, which will be held on Tuesday evening, along with the Rt Hon. Lord Bruce of Bennachie, Minister of State, Baroness Anelay and Dr. Angus McCoss, Exploration Director at Tullow Oil.

The Annual Reception provides an opportunity for Members of Parliament, Peers, High Commissioners, Ambassadors, members of the UK civil service, non-governmental organisations, members of the Caribbean diaspora and businesses invested in or interested in investing in the Caribbean region to network, with a view to supporting the region’s economic development.

President Granger, who is accompanied on the visit by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Carl Greenidge, will also meet with members of the UK Government, the British business community and the Guyanese diaspora in London.

  • Fedup / GT

    Well this visit gon gat jaggabat spewing S#!+ in all angle now.
    Still waiting on Jagdeo,Ravi Dev and the IAC to condemn the assassination plot on the president

    • rudeo

      Finger pointing at them?….How credible is the reported plot?….Another diversionary tactic?

    • Col123

      You have no right to condemn peppa pot..

  • Emile_Mervin

    “Your Majesty….”

    “Your Excellency. We have so much is common!”

    “We do?”

    “Yes! We are both ceremonial title holders!”

    “Wow! That explains why I feel left out in Guyana!”

    “Get used to it! So what can I do for you?”

    “Please, come back and run the country. We have no clue what we’re doing. Fifty years later and we are still late with the times. Everybody is a boss and everybody is taking from everybody. What’s a man to do?”

    “You need to ask a man.”

    “What kind of man? ”

    “Phillip, my dear, advise David on what a man must do!”

    “Well, David, you must have a pair…”

    “I like pears, but I don’t have any.”

    “Then grow a pair and come again!”

    “Do you have any pear seeds?”

    “Goodness, gracious. I can’t give you a pair of my seeds. Grow your own, man!”

    “Carl, I am beginning to think this is a ceremonial trip.”

    “You are really, really slow, David. You are visiting the Queen, not the Prime Minister. She’s busy getting ready to pull out.”

    “Wow! She’s the MAN! Let’s go see her!”

    • Col123

      The man is a bosoo…him need a wheelbarrow to go forward

    • VictorAustin

      lol I like this piece.