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Suspected bandit shot shortly after robbing market vendor; six arrested

A 23-year old man, who allegedly robbed a Bourda Market vendor of GYD$400,000 cash, and subsequently exchanged gunfire with police, was shot and injured, police said.

The Guyana Police Force did not name the suspect, but said he is from Laing Avenue, Charlestown, Georgetown. He sustained a gunshot wound to his right foot and has been hospitalised in a stable condition under police guard, the police force said. “The matter was reported and within minutes, police ranks on a mobile patrol responded and confronted the bandits, who discharged several rounds at the officers. The police returned fire hitting one of the suspects who fell. His accomplice managed to escape.” The police have recovered a part of the stolen cash from the suspect who tried to dispose of same after being shot..

The vendor was allegedly robbed as he was about to enter his yard at Pike Street, Kitty, Georgetown at about 2:45 Friday afternoon by the injured man and his accomplice.

“Enquiries disclosed that about 14:30hr today the 56 yr old vendor left his place of business and proceeded to his home in a taxi. He arrived about 14:45 hr and was about to open his gate when the suspects, one armed with a handgun, approached on a  motor cycle, pounced and  relieved him of the cash mentioned from his person and made good their escape, east along Pike Street, Kitty,” the police force said.

Police said acting on information the ranks immediately proceeded to a house in Duncan Street, Kitty, where they conducted a search and found an unlicensed revolver with two live rounds and one spent shell.

Four males and two females who were in the house have been taken into custody. One of the females is said to be the girlfriend of the wounded suspect.

  • rudeo

    The apologists would proclaim that poverty…lack of jobs….blah blah blah are the causes….prove to me that these miscreants pay house rent, electricity, put food on the table for a “family”…..send children to school….and the lot…..get rid of them…scums of the earth

    • Lancelot Brassington

      No problem with this post. Living a life of crime is always an option some individuals select in preference to other options. It is more about mindset than circumstances. At least that’s my opinion.

      • Ashwan Singh

        May I say this but once, I agree with you !

  • Ashwan Singh

    The present regime has recently admitted that the country is facing an economic slowdown and that they will be trying to infuse some activity to enhance the robustness that prevailed before their advent to the scene.

    Now it’s time that they must admit that their leader, Granger, is wrong in pardoning these scum, and letting them out on the streets before they pay for their malevolence.
    This act has proven, time and again, that it encourages these “never do wells” to perpetrate their ill will against decent society ! Fix another of your bungles Granger, fix it or your easily gained acquisition of the Presidency of Guyana and indeed your legacy will face another black eye !!