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Prison warden allegedly caught smuggling marijuana into Georgetown Prison

The marijuana and packets of Bambu rolling paper that were found in the possession of a prison warden Tuesday night (March 28, 2017). (photo from Gladwin Samuels’ Facebook).

A prison warden attached to the Georgetown Prison was Tuesday night arrested after he was allegedly caught attempting to smuggle a quantity of marijuana, Director of Prisons, Gladwin Samuels said.

Demerara Waves Online News was told that the warden, who has three years of service, left the jail to purchase food but when he returned a search was conducted and the marijuana and other items were found in his possession.

The marijuana is said to be about 113 grammes. Three packs of Big Bambu rolling papers were also seized.

Samuels lamented on his Facebook page that employees of the Guyana Prison Service are being held allegedly involved in illegal activities when they should instead be part of the process to rehabilitate inmates.

“Word seems to be falling on deaf ears. Everyday, officers are reminded of their roles and functions. They are reminded why we are employed in the capacity we are. However, all the talking, preaching and praying seems not to be working,” he said.

He urged an end to “this situation” if the Guyana Prison Service is to aid in rehabilitating offenders.

The Guyana Prison Service plans to install scanners at a number of the prisons to help prevent illegal items from being smuggled into cells.

Repeated raids have uncovered a range of items including ‘home-made wine,’ improvised weapons, cigarette lighters, cell phones, sim cards, chargers, marijuana, tattoo machine, money and razor blades.

  • rudeo

    Partners in same cell….whoopee!

  • Gtloyal

    It’s plain greed contributing to a decay in standards of behavior plus disdain and total disregard for what is required of them … just as they saw past leaders do. Add to that the refusal to use exemplary punishment as a deterrent.
    This is the Guyana we inherited, where a code of conduct is considered “a piece of crap” by corrupt past rulers who nevertheless aspire to govern again.

    • Col123

      Choices GT! Guyanese inheritance from our leaders of the last fifty years… unless you are referring to the past twenty three years, because of your age group…Others work hard to make a living … why not emulate those?… the majority of Guyanese are hard working folks who do well regardless of where in this world they live…and despite the challenges, their kids do even better!

      • Gtloyal

        Which guyanese hustler is today old enough or wise enough to follow Burnham, as you imply?
        Anyway, if it pleases you I can say one hundred or even just the last two. The fact that we cannot change is that for the last two decades, acts of corruption by those in government were the order of the day and have contributed to what we have today as it was even touted by some leaders as not being something wrong to do, with many openly “flossing” their ill gotten gains in an effort to gain attention and probably admiration. This coupled with the same governments’ intentional abandonment of the institutions that have traditionally contributed to the upkeep of our moral standards … yes, you got the message.
        Many were foolish (and lazy) enough to see these perpetrations as an easy way out …. The rest is history … monkey see, monkey do, monkey get in trouble too!
        And all this, you fully well know ….

        • Col123

          Keeping up with the jones is what you’re describing but also suggesting that they are fools.