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Robber shot dead by businessman- police

The suspected bandit who was shot dead at Belvoir Court.

An unidentified male suspect was shot dead during an alleged exchange of gunfire with three occupants of a motor car, one of whom is a licensed firearm holder, police said in a statement.

“The unidentified suspect is alleged to have opened fire on the occupants of the car after they adopted tactical manoeuvre to evade him, when he attempted to commit a felony,” the Guyana Police Force said in a statement.
This incident occurred about 00:30hrs this morning at Belvercourt, Blygeiziht Gardens
Investigators were told that at that time one of the occupants was being dropped off by his colleagues at the address, after the trio returned from the Giftland Mall.
A .32 pistol alleged to belong to the deceased suspect, along with seven .32 spent shells and a cellular phone were found at the scene, police said.
Police did not say whether the other occupants of the car in which the businessman was travelling possessed guns and if they opened fire on the bandits.
  • Col123

    The “crime spree ” continues?….or is it bloody murder to my brothers?.. why are they killing my brothers?…. we have a new government now… and this nonsense continues?… why isn’t Jaggie coming out and say something?…Jhaatie should seize all them guns when he is sober enough!…

    • Charles Selman

      Another altar boy so innocent wrongfully killed. So sad!

    • brain dead idiot

      soon he gon get sober the curfew is 12 he working on it fo 9

    • ExPPP_Man

      I have been tell you, this is all all you good for, thief. Condolences to the family of the man that lost his life though. They did not tell him to go thief, but they feeling the pain of his actions. As for you, one less freedom fighter dead.

      • Col123

        Hey ex KKK man, how much land you think we can thief and get away with immunity …or is it impunity?…you think we get vaccinated for that kinda thingy?..

        • ExPPP_Man

          Look at how much your dhaddy Burnham took for himself.

  • Danny Persaud

    Another pnc hero fallen..
    Jagdeo to b question by suck you…

  • Danny Persaud

    Granger think he is so fronted by releasing these culprits…to vote for him 2020..
    Mr president god and time is against you…so keep them in their cell till 2020 election day then released them. U might save some vote..

  • Col123

    Not quite sure if this is sarcasm… but if it is not, you are an grade A IDIOT… the bloody murder spree has its roots and etiology and graduated from choke and rob to burn down Georgetown, to kick door bandits and then on to kill off and intimidate a population group throwing petrol to a fire and pushing communities in fear. It was well orchestrated and ended with the deaths of over 400+ . Yes it was lawless and had the combined appearance of a government driven over the edge…. why don’t you plea for a COI to expose the planners and authors of that operation. Some are still alive fighting for reparations and the like…

  • Col123

    Easy answer…because they don’t want to smell their sweat working like you and I would!..