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Updated: Mayor Chase-Green, Royston King likely to face contempt of court proceedings as clamping continues

The minibus of a Chinese national was today clamped on Robb Street. The driver of the vehicle spoke very little English.

Efforts have been made by court marshalls to serve Georgetown Mayor, Patricia Chase-Green, and Town Clerk, Royston King, personally with a temporary order to pave the way for the High Court to determine whether a parking meter agreement is illegal.

With the booting (clamping) of motor vehicles still continuing despite the High Court’s order nisi, Attorney-at-Law, Kamal Ramkarran said he could not file contempt of court proceedings unless that order has been served personally on Chase-Green and King.

He said the order was left with someone for them.

Two court actions were brought against the parking meter regime. The first was brought by the New Building Society against the Minister of Communities, and the Georgetown Town Clerk, where the Minister must defend his approval of the parking meter bylaws, and further, why those bylaws should not be quashed by the Court.

That matter has already come up in the Court of Justice Brassington Reynolds. A new date has been set for affidavits of response to be filed by the Communities Minister, and the Georgetown Town Clerk against the Order Nisi.

The second court action was brought by a private citizen, Mahendra Arjune, against the Georgetown Town Clerk and Georgetown Mayor. That matter is set to come up next Monday. A High Court order had been issued for both the Town Clerk and Mayor to defend the project in court.

Attorney Kamal Ramkarran, representing Arjune, told Demerara Waves Online News that an Order Nisi acts as a stay against whatever action is being called into question from a public agency, being the Georgetown municipality. Ramkarran said the order, issued by a Judge, prevents clamping of vehicles and penalties for motorists under the parking meter regime.


Smart City Solutions staff converged today at the corner of Robb and Camp Streets with a number of immobilisation clamps in their presence.

Ramkarran said he would have to wait until the matter comes up before Justice Reynolds next Monday before he raises concerns about contempt.

The attorney said he hopes Justice Reynolds would be in his favour, and asks that the Mayor and Town Clerk or their representatives appear in court.

Protest action organised by the Movement Against Parking Meters (MAPM) continued today outside City Hall.

Georgetown Mayor Chase-Green announced last week that despite the two pending court orders, the project would resume this Monday.

When the first parking meter challenge came up in  the High Court on the very day of the project resuming, Attorney Ronald Burch-Smith told Demerara Waves that if the City Council and Smart City Solutions moves ahead with the project while there were pending court orders, “this would be a frightening development for public law in Guyana.”

Protests against the parking meters continued on Wednesday as the City Council was set to hold an extraordinary statutory meeting to discuss the new bylaws for the project, which would see a number of adjusted penalties and implementation measures including a 50% reduction in original rates for motorists parked 8 hours or more.

An attempt was made to reach the Mayor and the Town Clerk at City Hall today but staff attached to both their offices said they were in meetings.

In the mayor’s office, her secretary told Demerara Waves the Mayor was attending a meeting at the Communities Ministry, but a check with the Mayor’s driver revealed she had not left the compound.

  • rudeo

    u kyan run bu u kyaan hide

  • Gtloyal

    Did the mayoress throw the paper behind her back?
    Is this adios to the rule of law? If the leaders are ignoring the sentences, then maybe we can all do the same … including the last decision of the court of appeal. Maybe we could even eliminate the courts. Can we empty Camp street now by just ignoring all sentences?
    What sayest thou, dear land of Guyana?

    • rudeo

      u live yah?

      • Gtloyal

        Sure. Do you?

        • rudeo

          this is my inheritance…..wheh me guh go?

          • Gtloyal

            Stand up for your right … something Guyanese always have an excuse for not doing.

          • Col123

            Hey..stop copy writing Bob Marley..!

          • Gtloyal

            Who is he? People have been standing up for their rights since creation.

          • Col123

            Creation !! It was after the adam boy got kicked out of that weed place..and abel took one from the caine cutter guy….that was a laang time after creation…

          • Gtloyal

            Looks like you’ve stepped right out of the age of enlightenment! So edifying! Thank you.

          • Col123

            ..I am beyond fairy tales and mythology..and science is my edification goes with the soul of it…

          • Gtloyal

            For me, self praise is no recommendation since, as Socrates said, “the only thing that I know is that I know nothing”.

          • Col123

            by your implication, you are a grade A++..

          • Gtloyal

            No implications, bro. Stop reading what’s not there.

  • Max

    Not one shit will come out of this,the justice system in Guyana seems useless and disrespect by powerful power DRUNKS

    • Anil Persaud

      it seems like there is absolutely no one that is more powerful than these two to know that there is a pending court case against them as public servants they should be sent on leave. they are clearly in contempt. if the APNUAFC GOVERNMENT can’t do anything they should stop talking about corruption in other countries their resignation would have already been tendered but this is Guyana

  • cuffy

    in Guyana they got a saying “you cant suck honey outa baboon batty” but the (king) baboon at the city hall want to suck honey outa the people batty.

    • rudeo

      certainly sucking out of the batty of the lady in green!

  • Donna Fraser

    The proper word for disabling cars for unpaid parking meters fees is ‘booting’.
    Please stop using this ‘clamping’ nonsense.