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PPP to file private criminal charges against APNU+AFC coalition ministers

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo.

The opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPPC) will be filing private criminal charges against top government officials including ministers for allegedly enriching themselves from the State’s coffers, Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo announced on Monday.

Jadgeo gave few details to back his claims, but assured that legal experts were preparing papers to file charges against them.  “We don’t do our business like how they (government) have been talking. We are not talking about going to jail and all of that. We are preparing the documents and this is why we have grave concerns about what would happen at the Integrity Commission,” he said.

He hinted that government has sent home all the staff of the Integrity Commission, leaving all the returns behind. “We know that many of them broke the law and did not file returns so we are worried that they could just stick these things in and they would tamper with the records,” said Jagdeo.

The former President said the PPP hopes to file private criminal charges against the estimated 50 percent salary increase that government gave its ministers. “The basis for which they are looking at the Pradoville issue is that people illegally transferred assets to themselves to enrich themselves… Then we can prove a case in court that they have taken financial assets of the State based on a Cabinet decision that they themselves made to give themselves an increase bigger than anyone else: that is enrichment also,” he said.

He  said the private charges would also provide an opportunity to test the President’s immunity from prosecution.

His announcement comes against the background of the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU) of the Guyana Police Force and the State Assets Recovery Agency (SARA) intensify their probes into alleged financial and other property crimes by ministers of the then PPP-led administration.

The Opposition Leader hoped that the British adviser here would help the PPP “prepare our case against individuals in government.”

Jagdeo said he suspects that government is hiding something but failing to take up his call to hire an international firm to “track and trace assets that people hold abroad.”

The former Guyanese leader, other then PPP  ministers and top government officials have been under SOCU’s radar for several months now in connection with possibly acquiring large tracts of seaside housing lands at Sparendaam/ Goedverwagting, East Coast Demerara at way below the market prices.

  • pollard

    welcome this move, start shopping for some pop corn. anxiously awaiting to see the two sides of this coin, lets see where the power lies. ,we need bigger jails for both sides.come on SOCU. march on and take orders from both sides. we all waiting to see the criminal cases of the past and present administration. OIL AND GAS HAVING THEM GOING INSANE

    • rs dasai

      This really puts SOCU and Thomas in a Tizzi. IS he serving SOCU or PNC?
      Does the Head of SOCU have to be impartial?

  • RLSG

    This is the penultimate example of arrogance from the PPP king of and boy does he have a nerve to talk of charges. Granger better wake up from his sleep and reign this guy in. What the hell is he waiting on .. I guess he does not have the balls to throw Jagdeo in jail like Jagdeo did to the black people when he was in power. Wake up Granger … it is time to grow some balls and lock up Jagdeo … he is challenging you and you keep sitting on your hands … this is embarrassing !!!

    • rs dasai

      The Prezi never sleeps.

  • Emile_Mervin

    Good grief! It is the Chief Thief and his polka dot brief!

    Jagdeo is upset that the Coalition ministers are doing a terrible job at what PPP ministers excelled in. With all the big time stealing under the PPP not one minister was ever charged.

    Can Jagdeo produce bona fide documents showing how he managed to build the mansions at Pradoville I and II?

    • rs dasai

      Past is history. Now is not ‘allegations’ but as Dr. J says, ‘corruption. We await the filing.

    • eddie

      ent this bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! look who came up to smell the roses and I am sure it not because it valentine,,, all the others thieves and polka dot brief is let to go unchecked

  • Dan

    Funny that u have vivid memories of your grandad balls.. what were u doing with them that u seem to remember them so clearly?!

  • eddie

    can you justify it for us that is lost in transition

  • eddie

    lolllllllllllllll — I will go one further he think he have the God syndrome

  • Gtloyal

    “… that is enrichment also,” he said.”
    By adding the word “also” BJ confesses that what he did was “enrichment also” … by misappropriation of the people’s money.
    Granger and crew deserves this. By leaving these people to walk free after all that they have done, the government clearly shows that they are not doing what they were elected (and being paid) to do. If they were working these kleptos would have been behind bars and the raise would have been justified.

    • Col123

      entre mas mezclas la mierda, mas apesta….

      • Gtloyal

        No me digas q tambien sabes de eso! Según, es el pasa tiempo entre la jerarquia de cierto partido.
        Tienes experiencia? … o eres experto ya? Lmao.

        • Col123

          suy solo un experte de la buena vida….a la cena de San Valentin ahora…salud!

          • Gtloyal

            Salud. Buen provecho.

  • Lizzie44

    Is this guy for real? saying he was bringing criminal charges against the government? How many counts of criminal and murder charges should the government bring the previous administration?

    • rs dasai

      He is for real. So we have to look out carefully.

  • rs dasai

    At the least both Bharat and your Big Papa have (had) some to use, much of which is currently lacking.

    • Col123

      I need to get back in the comedy and return fire routine …you guys are having fun…

  • Gtloyal

    Proving that someone else is guilty of a crime does not exempt you from your guilt.
    These guys are desperate. They are reacting to the uncertainty … they know something is cooking but are not sure what’s in the pot.
    Is the general’s strategy bearing fruit? Is it a coincidence? Give them time … get them just before 2020. Let them sweat.

  • Col123

    How did you guys get from Jaggie head to someone’s private part?.. Stop following Trumpie and grabbing at stuff!

  • rs dasai

    They had a good teacher.

    • Henry Horton

      What, those men who studied marxism-leninism in the Soviet Union, particularly a Stalinist version, are such stupid little boys, unable to make their own judgments, and bereft of any principles or morality!!? I thought that their ideology placed them on a higher plane? Perhaps, at root, they could not overcome the limitations of their colonial history and servitude – cast adrift, like their PNC brothers, forever doomed to be “mimic men” or at worst, like the PPP, just a bunch of thieves, willing to sell their country for “thirty pieces of silver”.