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Chase-Green blames Sherod Duncan for ‘civil unrest’ against parking meters

Georgetown Mayor Patricia Chase-Green today scolded Deputy Mayor Sherod Duncan for what she said was taking misinformation to the public on the parking meter contract, and causing “civil unrest.”

Councillor Noelle Chow-Chee

The issue emerged after a motion was proposed, by councillor Noelle Chow-Chee, seeking clarification on what the parking meter contract contained, since there were conflicting reports in the media.

The contract, which lists Smart City Solutions as the partner receiving 80% of revenue while council gets the other 20%, remains under lock and key at the City Hall building.

Any person desirous of viewing the contract can do so in the Offices of the Mayor and Town Clerk, but would be barred from taking pictures or copying the contract, a point which Mayor Chase-Green stressed at length today.

The Movement Against Parking Meters (MAPM), a pressure group formed to challenge the parking meter project and its controversially shrouded agreement, has challenged this position raised by the Mayor, since the document purports to do business on behalf of Georgetown’s citizens, and is a public document.

Chow-Chew, in her motion, requested clarification on the term limit of the contract, since it was believed to be some 49 years.

A report in the media recently, showing the first contract without an amendment to that limit, was questioned by another councillor, Heston Bostwick, who went as far as calling for Deputy Mayor Duncan to be disciplined for “pedalling misinformation.” Duncan has been an open supporter of two major protests organised by the MAPM.

Councillor Heston Bostwick

Bostwick’s position was supported by a number of councillors banging the desk loudly as he chastised Duncan.

Town Clerk Royston King interjected to say amendments were made since the contract, now published in the media, which reduced the term limit to 20 years, allowing for the contract to be reviewed every year.

That review, according to a power point presentation projected in the Council Chamber, allows for discussing financial performance of the project, assess the project’s performance against set goals, and discuss new goals and targets for the project.

Councillor Bishram Kuppen then took to the floor to challenge the presentation shown in Council, asking if the annual review was already agreed upon, or if this was merely a proposal now being put forth to the Council by the Mayor.

Councillor Malcolm Ferreira

Turning attention to the recent meeting between Georgetown leaders and Cabinet, including President David Granger, Councillor Malcolm Ferreira asked for clarification from the Mayor on the recent announcement that vehicle clamping would stop until consultations are complete.

Mayor Chase-Green responded that motorists are still required to pay for parking spaces, except they would not be booted if they exceeded their time limit. Ferreira went on to ask if this means citizens would park for free. The Mayor noted there are citizens still paying for parking spaces, even though the penalties were suspended.

Councillor Khame Prakash Sharma

“The city is dying! People out there are hurt! It’s a ghost city,” councillor Khame Prakash Sharma told the Council as he condemned the fees for the parking meters that have been called “burdensome” even by central government.

“Redeem yourself or face retribution,” Sharma warned the Mayor, as she responded, “that’s for me and my God, not you!”

The row caused the Town Clerk to immediately rebuke the statement against the Mayor, which he called a threat against her. Sharma subsequently withdrew the statements.

Town Clerk King said the Mayor will host a press conference to announce when the penalties for the parking meters will be brought back into effect.

The attention quickly returned to Duncan with councillor Bostwick, this time, calling for Duncan to prove why he should not be disciplined. Mayor Green said the matter would be dealt with another time.

“We have councillors here who are snakes,” Chow-Chee exclaimed as the motion winded down. Mayor Chase-Green objected to the use of “snakes,” calling for more parliamentary language to be used.

  • Col123

    I keep supporting the Mayor on this Parking meter trip she is having and will continue. It is an important plan to return this city to the garden purity all it supporters wish and said that it should be. If the contract sold out the city to those indentured massa folks from Panama…better yet. When we rid the city of those vehicles, congestion and pollution, relocate the main shipping ports etc.., we will have it return to the beautiful colonial garden it once was. The businesses should be booted out with all the wet and dry markets finding ares and relocate in the local government districts. The slums should be destroyed. If we can’t accomplish that, in the interim… the govt should embark on a plan to remake and modernize a new capital city adjacent to the international airport …It will be JOBS, JOBS, JOBS…

    • rudeo

      u fuh real?

      • Col123

        Yea… leave GT to the APAANU JHAATIE voters and move the capital inland in the hilly sand and clay belt… .. in a twenty year plan…the airport seems fine. GT will be under water in a hundred years… with oil extraction.. who knows if a topographical shift in coastline is inevitable?

      • Col123

        rudeo…here is a quote from the mayor Feb 17…“In collaboration with the Ministry of Infrastructure, those things will soon be implemented because it is unfair for you to be driving on a busy day behind a container, and you know the dangers of that,”
        The Mayor and City Council is already charging for the movement of shipping containers on Georgetown’s roads, ahead of a finalized agreement with the Private Sector Commission.
        More reason to restart this country in a new direction..move the city….ports.. elsewhere and start over…slowly…

  • Col123

    You asking you folks to jail them selves.?…there is no civil unrest…the mayar said is that guy sherrod and them ppp making a lot a noise..tek some tequila like the mayar did and you gon see it differently.

  • RLSG

    There should be movement afoot to recall the Mayor, fire Royston King and vote Sherod Duncan in as Mayor. There is just too much politics involved creating APNU and AFC robots. There are no independent thinkers except for Mr Duncan. Time for change.

  • Flash 99

    This Mayor is such a bully. How does she sleeps at night. Why are you hiding the contract. God bless Guyana.

  • rudeo

    the vulgarity of these 2 dumbos knows no limit….to look at blaming a champion of lawful behaviour….such nastiness is abhorent

  • brain dead idiot

    this woman got gall after been caught with the stupid things she does now she want to blame somebody for her foolishness people calling us slaves and indenture servants and she want us to keep paying these people kick her out and king too this is what power does do to these people .

  • Gtloyal

    Doesn’t the laws of Guyana provide for the contract to be taken to a court of law by the people of GT to have it canceled? It should.
    Doesn’t the laws of Guyana provide for the people of GT to take any legal action against elected officials who are acting against the interest of the city?
    And thanks, Mr Duncan.

  • rudeo

    In the hey days of the PPP in office and APNU+AFC in opposition, Kaieteur News was the epitome of all that is right as a newspaper…skin up all the shenanigans of the PPP cabal…now that they are doing what is a good newspaper’s functions…they are the nightmare of the MCC and by extension APNU+AFC….keep the light burning Glen… quarters given …none asked

  • rudeo

    these 2 dumbos who sit in offices in a building that will one day end up as a crumpled heap of rotten timber are biological freaks…intestines turned the wrong way …. spewing only fi….. every time they open their facial orifices……”kick them out” is too good a gesture …… hang them out to dry in front of the scandalous rotting monstrosity they call their offices….in fact that could be a major tourism goal…people travelling from every corner of the earth to view the only two-of-a-kind specimens of just what is dotishness personified….voila!

  • Col123

    What are the chances that this is a roundabout deal between the PNC and SCS…is that what you are suggesting?

  • eddie

    is it me or does anyone see like this woman want to fart with that posture , run sherod

    • Col123

      Since when flaunting knockers is a crime or a posture to release air?

      • eddie

        I am not 0 saying it’s a crime LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL just advising my Man Sherod to run because that thing is program for one and only one thing his destruction ……. it will achieve two things for her stifle his vocal and eventually his demise LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL,,,

  • Col123

    I concur…We have to move on methodically PR.
    Guyana needs to move forward and quickly. The focus should be on getting away from colonial architects and mindset and be our own people . Think BIG, futuristic, self sufficient and have migrants flocking to Guyana to have a productive… Instead, we are busy chasing our citizens away… It requires folks with vision..