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Superbet calls for collaboration to go after armed bandits

Suribet’s General Manager, Ashwien Surjbalisingh (right) and General Manager of the Superbet Guiana Holding Inc. Shrikant Kisoensingh briefing the media.

The Suriname-based Suribet on Wednesday called on Guyanese authorities to craft a better strategy to combat heavily armed criminals, in the wake of two robberies in recent weeks that resulted in a loss of millions of dollars and mental scars to workers.

General Manager of Suribet, Ashwien Surjbalsingh told reporters that his business has been robbed twice with AK-47 assault rifles of undisclosed sums of money that have left workers traumatised.

“Our main concerns are our staff who are afraid to do their job now due to the several robberies. It has a spin-off effect. It has a psychological effect. They are traumatised,” he said.

Surjbalsingh cautioned that repeated robberies would scare away investors and tarnish Guyana’s image in the eyes of tourists. “If they see this kind of news, they may change their mind and not come to Guyana which has other  spin-off effects,” he said.

He appealed for assistance and collaboration with several stakeholders, including government and the Private Sector Commission, to help suppress and prevent those types of robberies. “Check the types of attacks and check also what are the possible solutions and how can we start,” he said.

The Suribet General Manager said although guards are armed with handguns, they could not confront bandits with assault rifles.

The latest robbery occurred on Monday when a four-member collection team was attacked and robbed of a bag containing cash that had been received from its outlets. Surjbalisingh ruled out the robberies being the work of employees.

  • Col123

    The Guyanese renowned Freedom Fighta brothas are busy keeping their AK 47s functional as Grangie seeks help from those English slave owners. Hold your breath for a while as the crime rate is going down…. Guyanese math will reduce it further… ask brotha Jhaatie…. in the meantime, you guys will keep losing the bet.

    • Parbudin Mackanlall

      Lets look at some practical solutions. Maybe you can come up with a strategy to persuade more Indo Guyanese to join the police force. Even under the PPP the amount of Indians in the force was way out of proportion to the number in the general population. Indians just don’t find the disciplined services appealing.
      Selection should be based on suitability, including academic qualifications, and not on some quota system. We want tactical and investigative skills, not trigger happy gun slingers. With more Indo cops we can’t blame black people for both the crimes and the failure to control crime. What would you recommend?
      Hey!! Hey!!! Hey!!!! Go easy on those expletives. I can hear you.

      • Col123

        A lot of dribble there boy. You need a urologist. Even a good dose of Penicillin can’t resolve that . Per your logic, you are saying that even my black brothers are incapable of controlling crime. What is the common denominator in crime and those Indos?.. from reports, it is quite clear that they are the victims at the mercy of our freedom fighta brothas. You have an Indo minister who is them massa.. go ask e !..

  • Ah Nanimus

    They prey on Indians and Chinese because we are perceived as
    easy prey. You can’t buy guns openly and the police is ineffective so we
    are open to this horrible brutality. Divide the country so we can be
    free from these people who have no pride in their race.

    • Parbudin Mackanlall

      Maybe the country should be divided. Put all the racists of all races on the uninhabited islands in the Essequibo River, ring the islands with barbed wire and make it necessary for you to have a visa to venture off the island. You will see how quickly you will become civilized and learn to live with each other. If you don’t who gives a hang.

      • Fedup / GT

        The best comment I’ve ever read

  • ExPPP_Man

    The Afro Guyanese always turned a blind eye to this, since the Indo Guyanese are the victims. Nothing change in 50 years of independence.

  • Ashley Singh

    At the recently held Police Officers conference at Police Headquarters , Eve Leary, the Prime Minister , acting as President praised the police for the fight in reducing Crime. In the meanwhile, it is evident that serious robberies are on the rise. These incompetent fat-cats are only offering lip service to the Nation.. Time for Action.

  • Col123

    On the button Max…they flaunt it…