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No more parking meters outside schools

Industrial unrest by teachers in Georgetown was Friday averted after Smart City Solutions (SCS) and the Mayor and City Council decided to discontinue paid parking outside schools.

“Vehicle parking spaces immediately in front of the public schools will not be regulated for the purpose of metered parking by Smart City Solutions,” according to a joint statement by SCS, City Hall and the Guyana Teachers Union (GTU).

According to the statement, the decision was taken “after giving due and special consideration to the critical and fundamental role that our teachers play in the education and development of the nation’s children.”

GTU President, Mark Lyte told Demerara Waves Online News that SCS representatives turned up at the union’s headquarters demanding that teachers pay at least half of the fee. “We insisted that we shouldn’t pay and they finally decided that teachers will not be paying to park, they are not going to put parking meters in front of the schools that are still earmarked and the ones that do have they will remove them,” he said.

The GTU President said teachers were now relieved that they would no longer be required to pay to park outside their schools.

If SCS and City Hall had gotten their way, each teacher would have had to pay GYD$1,200 per day to park, a situation that Lyte said would have triggered industrial unrest.

There are 50 schools across the city but so far meters have been erected outside Bishop’s High School and the Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre, both located on Carmichael Street, Georgetown.

  • The better thing to do would be to leave parking the meters in place…… ,but give the teachers monthly exemption passes.
    What is to prevent non-teachers from parking at the underutilized spots…….?
    We Guyanese are smart,smart!

    • VictorAustin

      I agree with this

  • ChosenNChrist

    I suppose there were no guidelines in selecting locations for the meters. Thus, the decision to place them in the vicinity of schools, and including the Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre (which in my view is absurd) was arbitrary. I still believe the idea of parking meters is ancient and is not in keeping with progress and development. In addition, if we are a signatory to the sustainable development goals (SDG) then we must operate in a way that will most definitely promote, at least, decent work and economic growth (SDG 8) for all. The unemployment rate in Guyana, I believe, is still at 11.1%. Thus, there is need for City Hall and the government at large to focus on ways to contribute to the economic growth of Guyanese and not solely themselves. Furthermore, in one particular developed country the few parking meters I see, are centered around dwelling and business places. Not even in places where taxi drivers operate are parking meters. These have designated places to function unhindered, in peace and joy, which no doubt contributes to their economic progression and well being. I pray the mentality of those in leadership in Guyana change quickly.

    • Anil Persaud

      the duration of the contract is twenty years like gtt monopoly we are saddled with this unlike gtt there is no regulatory body looking out for us they will expand eventually to sheriff street and raised the fee next year

  • Col123

    wasting your time with butch…he would not know squat about corporate colonization.