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Jagdeo apologises for erroneous Facebook post that Red House signs taken down by GDF, Police

Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo is apologising for a facebook post which appeared on his official facebook page in the height of the Red House eviction saga.

Jagdeo said one of his pages’ administrators made the erroneous facebook post saying ranks from the Guyana Defense Force and the Guyana Police Force had ripped down the signs at Red House in Kingston when President Granger cancelled the lease.

Jagdeo said the post was subsequently taken down.

Asked whether he had opposed the leasing of Red House, Jagdeo responded in the negative saying Red House was supported as a research centre for the whole country where Cheddi Jagan’s legacy was housed.

He maintained although PPP executive members are on the Board of the Cheddi Jagan Research Centre Inc, his party does not have direct say in the work of the centre.

Commenting on the Red House lease, Jagdeo said he was told a video was seen where there was someone from the army around the premises, but that person was not involved in the taking down of the sign. “That was done by thugs sent by the Ministry of the Presidency,” Jagdeo clarified.

On government’s proposal to house all of Guyana’s presidents at the contentious site, Jagdeo said President Granger never had any discussion with the People’s Progressive Party on using Kamana Court, known as Red House, for housing the nation’s presidents at Red House.

  • BeFair_SeeClear

    Who is really playing b politics here….someone seems to be dishonest…..hmn

    • raja25

      Oh, we know who is the one lying.

  • Guy Champion

    Now look at this, as a former president….Got his internet tugs slandering the defense n police Force. This is 2017, no more lies, shame on you Jagdeo.

  • Lancelot Brassington

    No body gives other people access to their facebook account and only checks long after to see what that person posted. Jagdeo posted that comment himself to whip up hysteria among PPP supporters. He is now backpedaling because he has learned of some impending backlash. I am certain of this. To make it worse he seeks to blame someone else. This man has not got one honourable bone in his body. But then one would have to have basic human decency before one could have honour.

  • Lancelot Brassington

    Should I conclude that you distribute your social media password(s) to people for them to write what they will and embarrass you or put you in trouble? Speaks volumes about your IQ.

    • David DB

      It’s all politics!! People say all sorts of things to get elected – is it morally right? of course not!!! DUH!!!! Look at what is going on in the US at the moment; look at all that Trump said and promised; do you believe any of the garbage? And don’t stop to low levels of ignorance – busy people, corporate heads, people managers, heads of state, etc. DO allow their assistants to manage their accounts, hence, also their passwords!!

      • Lancelot Brassington

        I see you’re using Trump as the benchmark (lol). A loose cannon with no political background who is not yet president, as opposed to a former 2+ term president and commander in chief of the very organization he said would kick in doors to rob Indians (see what I said about honour and decency).

        Look budday, if you say that the notorious and meddlesome micro-manager Jagdeo does not manage his own facebook account then maybe you manage it for him (lol). If so would you care to tell me what he is busy doing? Probably managing his hundreds millions of dollars in assets (lol).

        Next, if as you say politicians would say whatever they have to in order to gain mileage (your claim not mine) then how come you find it so hard to accept my assertion that Jagdeo deliberately posted a false allegation against the army and police. I think you shot yourself in the leg there.

        Lastly, does Trump manage his own Twitter account while he is BUSY assembling his team and preparing to take office?The tone and content of those tweets certainly suggest that he does. I guess Jagdeo’s workload is heavier.

        • David DB

          I am not defending Jagdeo – I couldn’t care less. All I am saying is “how do you know” how he manages his account. The rest of what you wrote are irrrelevant. Forget about Jagdeo and find something better to do with your time!! Are you from the Brassington family that was involved in all sort of scandals and corruption?

    • David DB

      so much for democracy and freedom of speech. looks like someone didn’t take kindly to the truth of my response so decided to delete or not publish it!!