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BREAKING: Jagdeo is new PPP General Secretary

Opposition Leader and PPP General Secretary, Bharrat Jagdeo

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo was Saturday elected as General Secretary of his People’s Progressive Party (PPP), a move that appeared set to see him consolidate power among a new guard of party leaders.

Sources confirmed that the 35-member Central Committee voted to replace long-time PPP member, Clement Rohee at their first Central Committee meeting since the recent  PPP Congress.

At that Congress, Jagdeo had said that it was time that the party focussed more on what is good for Guyana rather than ideological “isms”.

The socialist-oriented Marxist-Leninist party has over the years, while in government from 1992 to 2015,  embraced market-oriented polices rather than a dominant role of the State in economic development.

Following the 2013  Congress, then PPP General Secretary , Donald Ramotar had handed over the post to Rohee, citing the need to focus more on presidential duties.

  • vatvic

    Thank you King Jagdeo for taking over from Cheddi… Message received loud and clear
    Long live the King… King Jagdeo.

    Of course we know that some time is to be given for the withering of the Cheddi flock, that’s all right, let them have their “short time” no stress with them.
    Thing is, you’ve got what you wanted and thats most important. everyone knows you’re a man of your word.
    Good job.
    PS : should you need extra cartoon boxes and or “masking tape” just say the word, one hour delivery guaranteed… Long live King Jagdeo!

    • Kaieteur_Canada

      “Long live the King… King Jagdeo” … LMAO LMAO LMAO.

  • Ashley Singh

    Metropole has been destroyed by fire, I wonder where will Rohee go.

    • Emile_Mervin

      Rohee said he wants to become President because ‘goat nah bite he’. Well, well, it is obvious Jagdeo butted Ramotar out and bit Rohee, making Jagdeo the goat that could!

  • Truth !

    was there secret ballots voting or show hands
    nice 2 c nincoomPOOp,incompetent,corehee rohee, dna,visaman, goatman kicked 2 d curb

  • Carl

    Not surprised at all! I have always felt that Rohee has been too robotic and parroty when espousing his political and economic philosophies. In fact, he has been so divorced from reality I’m surprised that he wasn’t kicked out at least 10 years ago.

    I hope that he will take the time to fully grasp that the PPP is a now a party that has no prominent place for folks of his ilk. He should compare his, Roger Luncheon’s, and Clinton Collymore’s Central Executive vote tallies with those of PPP newcomers who are much younger than the individual years of service devoted to the PPP by either Rohee, Luncheon, or Collymore.

    Ramkarran and Ramjattan have cleared a path for you, Rohee. They will welcome you with open arms. Moses will do so with open gates and doors! Make your move.

  • rudeo

    If Jagdeo is a lost cause …. no possibility of becoming president of Guyana ever….no politician of worth….king of corruption….why all the interest in his activities?…..why not let’s get on with our coalition and the job at hand?

    • rs dasai

      Dr. Jagdeo is the best distraction for my shenanigans.

  • rs dasai

    I think you mistakenly used ‘i’ instead of ‘e’ for better.

  • Emile_Mervin

    Yeah, man! Can’t ask for anything better than a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea! Either way, Guyana loses!

    • Col123

      The horizon is in the middle somewhere between that sea and the devil EM..beyond the bottom starts another layer!.. infinity or infinitely?..

  • ExPPP_Man

    I saw some guy wrote on facebook that Rohee is now a goat herder.