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Magistrate Daly recuses self from Carvil Duncan $27M case

City Magistrate Leron Daly has recused herself from presiding over the case of former GPL board director, Carvil Duncan which came before her this morning.

Duncan was charged earlier last year with conspiring with another, former GPL deputy CEO Aeshwar Deonarine, to steal $27.7M from the Guyana Power and Light Incorporated.

Both Duncan and Deonarine were charged in January 2016 with conspiracy and simple larceny.

Deonarine fled the jurisdiction before charges were laid against him. The international criminal police organisation was requested by the Guyana Police Force in its search for Deonarine.

In Novemeber last, city magistrate Daly ruled Duncan be freed on another charge of theft of some $900,000 from the power company, citing insufficient evidence in the investigation.

Since yet another charge regarding Duncan was brought before her last year, Magistrate Daly recused herself this morning indicating she would not want her judgement to be biased.

The matter has been returned to Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan who must assign another magistrate to hear the case tomorrow January 5.

  • rudeo

    de man wud a bin freed again

  • Emile_Mervin

    A magistrate who recuses himself or herself from a case because he or she does not want to be biased should only do so under specified circumstances, such stating his or her relationship to the accused or the attorneys or judge involved.

    Otherwise, all court rulings are based on interpretation and application of the law relative to the evidence of the charge.

    Now, the magistrate must come clean with the public if the public confidence in the judicial system is to be renewed, because we can see a series of recusals with not wanting to be biased as the excuse and the judicial system will be thrown into chaos.