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Cheddi Jagan Research Centre’s sign replaced; Jagdeo warns coalition will pay political price

In clear defiance of State apparatus, People’s Progressive Party (PPP) supporters put up back a Cheddi Jagan Reseach Centre less than one hour after Ministry of the Presidency workers clawed it off as part of steps to take possession of Red House.

And Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo signaled that the pulling down of the sign and efforts to evict the Centre from Red House located on High Street, Kingston, Georgetown would make for good political fodder in PPP strongholds. “To do this to Cheddi Jagan and his legacy is the height of indecency  and callousness  and this government will long be judged in the future for this act that it committed today (Friday, December 30, 2016) and what it’s seeking to do,” he said.

Jagan, a fighter for Guyana’s independence from British rule, is still revered mainly in the PPP’s East Indo-Guyanese support base.

Jagdeo slammed government for revoking the lease and moving to throw out the CJRC from Red House, once the official residence of then Premier and Founder-Leader of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP). “This is heinous, reprehensible act on the part of this government. They have so many things to deal with in this country than to come and do what they did here today (Friday) to forcibly eject the Cheddi Jagan Research Centre from this building,” said Jagdeo.

Another PPP parliamentarian, who did not want to be quoted, said the many  dissatisfied PPP supporters who did not vote at the May 2015 general elections have re-consolidated their support with the planned eviction of the Cheddi Jagan Research Centre from Red House.

Shortly after the sign was pulled down and a complaint was lodged with the police, Cheddi Jagan Research Centre officials were seen erecting the sign in a makeshift manner.

Attorney-at-Law, Anil Nandlall earlier Friday secured a High Court order on behalf of Cheddi Jagan Research Inc, blocking the Attorney General, Basil Williams or any agent of the State from removing any item or artifact from Red House. The matter comes up again next month by which time Williams and Nandlall will file responses to each other in court.

The PPP has in recent months been making a lot of political capital from several decisions by the Granger-led A Partnership for National Unity+ Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC) coalition government since assuming office more than 18 months ago.

They include an increase in  ministerial salaries, failure to pay a 20 percent salary increase to members of the disciplined services, failure to pay increased salaries to teachers, no tax-free one month salary to members of the Disciplined Services, Minister of State Joseph Harmon’s travels aboard a plane with top officials of Bai Shan Lin, increased taxes in the 2016 and 2017 national budgets, sole-sourced exorbitant rental of a now under-utilized pharmaceutical bond from a member of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR), closure of the Wales Estate that led to the retrenchment of numerous workers, the less than transparent arrangements for the construction of the D’urban Park area for Guyana’s 50th Independence celebration, the labelling of the trade union movement as impotent by Minister responsible for Labour Keith Scott, and the granting of fully-funded scholarships to two government ministers.

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    • rudeo

      are nagamouth and rumjattan still regarded as politicians of mention?…..they are has beens….enjoying a one-term stay in psuedo authority……and to think that nagamouth spent 26 million of Guyanese hard earned and paid taxes to refurbish a house he will not occupy….and on top of that another 26 million to buy a top of the line vehicle ” to service my constituencies” his words…..pray will someone say what are his constituencies?….rejected in his village of birth….and he was claiming presidency under a supposedly bequeath of Cheddi Jagan……the man is so vulgar

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    Please bro… it’s not that bad…let’s have better options for the future!!!

  • Col123

    You should use a mirror on your comments and you will figure quickly how many ozs of Epsom salts you need to clean your biliary sac!…your eyes probably have macular holes also…clinically, you are a closet racist and don’t even know it!

    • GoldenRule40

      Oh poor you! I know the part of my comments that hurt you. You put forth no argument to anything I stated but run right into insulting. Sorry but I can’t ever do racism, not with my ethnic make up nor is it my forte to embrace such limited views of us as a people!
      So here’s the thing, and I keep saying this, you PPP folks are too tribal in your thinking, no objectivity is articulated maybe because none exist? you folks refuse to comprehend the approaches of the PPP in a multi ethic state like Guyana will never work. There will be no winners if only one group of Guyanese control the resources to enable their kind.
      The PNC of today understands that to some extent but of course need a lot of tweeking to reflect this generation… but the PPP? Hell, they refuse to learn…in fact they are doubling down on the division, depressing critical, employing fear and selling hate.
      I will not bring myself to your level to trade insults but rather appeal to your possible learned mind and encourage you to find empathy. If many of you PPP folks can identify the fundamentals that all peoples share so as to exist? you would probably behave differently. Hopefully!

      • Col123

        Why do you feel that confident that you know my ethnic background?.. look at your comments again! It wreaks of ethnic bile…Both the PNC and PPP are bottom feeders!… and you belong right there with them!

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        You are asking for proof. Where is your proof for all you are asserting?
        Stop being an ostrich!

  • Craig Hughes

    Did the NARCO-PPP HAVE ANY RESPECT FOR ANYTHING OR ANYONE? A court order was issued by the Chief Justice barring Janet Jagan from taking the oath of office, she ripped it up and took the oath nevertheless, now that is disrespectful…. coolie boy.

  • Charles Selman

    Bro, I am Dougla, my wife is Indian. I have a duty to be fair. You are running from the truth that while the Blacks kick the hoots out of Indians, guess whose money move the economy? Can you and your like-minded racists accept that?