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GPL puts contracted workers, managers on standby , in wake of industrial unrest

GPL workers outside the power company’s Main Street offices.

Contracted workers and managers are on standby to man the Guyana Power and Light’s (GPL) transmission and distribution system should strike action continue, even as the management has decided to hold another round of salary negotiations on Tuesday.

Chief Executive Officer of GPL, Wrenford Homer hoped that representatives of the power company and the National Association of Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial Employees (NAACIE) would be able to resolve the pay dispute before year-end and that the workers would be paid retroactively.

“Once we have this engagement tomorrow (Tuesday) with the union, our expectation is to see an amicable conclusion to the wage and salary negotiations with NAACIE and that we could before the end of the year we can basically close off 2016 to those members by way of paying them whatever those approved rates are retroactive to January of this year,” he told a news conference.

GPL’s Deputy CEO, Elwyn Marshall assured that the utility company has put in place a contingency plan comprising of contracted workers and management to man the transmission and distribution network if the workers continue to stay away from work.

(Left) GPL’s acting Chief Executive Officer, Wrenford Homer and his Deputy, Elwyn Marshall at a news conference.

“What we did earlier today is that we contracted these contractors and we have them on standby. In even there is an emergency they will work along with some of our…contractors internal and external as well as the managers to address any problems that arise between now and tomorrow (Tuesday) when the regular workforce come back,”  he said.

The transmission and distribution workers downed tools early Monday morning to protest the failure of GPL to pay the latest demand of eight percent across-the-board increase in salaries, down from the original demand of 15 percent.

Following meetings by the power company’s board and management, Homer hinted that GPL negotiators would be increasing its current offer of two percent.

Homer said the workers dispersed from the various locations after he held discussions with NAACIE President, Joseph and the shop stewards that another round of negotiations would be held on Tuesday.

  • Emile_Mervin

    Did the recent blackouts have anything to do with the contract talks? If no, then this is still too coincidental to readily dismiss! There are no easy answers to the questions facing the Coalition, which seem at sea on so many fronts.

    • rudeo

      they asked for the job…was given it….now to deliver….and dont talk about what mess jagdeo left….they had all the answers in opposition…we were told they will fix most of the wrongs in the first 100 days….after 19 months the getting of their feet wet is long past….one recall obama saying almost the same thing after his first term…but he was leader enough to admit his mis reading of the situation….we have a rude and arrogant bunch….latest insult ‘go sue the durban park company for monies owed’….imagine jagdeo doing that as president with soldier boy and company in opposition….we must cut out the sentimentalism about ‘awee own’….they are failures….and on top of that a ‘thieving’ bunch

      • Col123

        It’s a run to past the bottom where this government is very capable at achieving … Have a Great Holiday and a safe healthy 2017

  • Lancelot Brassington

    Standby for more problems if the WINGED STALLION wants square pegs in round holes. He knows (former CEO) Dindyal. Of the two senior men within the company proper, one is also a known disciple of Dindyal. This naive government better find out if Dindyal is running things by proxy.
    Meanwhile reports circulate about a senior man imitating Dindyal’s micromanaging style as the company drifts along day to day without a suitable captain being appointed. Some say strange selection criteria are being applied for top jobs. Junior and senior staff take industrial action while junior and senior management become frustrated and consider leaving. I hear the situation is not pleasant. The government needs to take things in hand or the company will just go from crisis to crisis. Start by examining who were offered executive appointments and who were bypassed or rejected.Don’t give the WINGED STALLION free rein and think that No 2 and No 3 will object if the need arises. One doesn’t care . The other sometimes seems tired. My source is one who would surely know.

    • Col123

      I gather from your comments that the folks who are running the operations are not very smart…and some one else is managing the store!!!!… I’m trying to enjoy the humor but I am struggling at it… have a great Holiday and a safe healthy 2017 LB